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Tim Wildmon: Republicans would have impeached a Republican Obama

On a January 30th, 2014 broadcast of "Today's Issues," Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association and Robert Knight discussed President Obama's recent State of the Union Address among other issues.

Tim Wildmon

Given that the former has entertained conspiracy theorists who claimed liberalism is a mental disorder and Obama is trying to ruin the economy, while the latter has claimed that marriage equality is the work of Satan, it should be no surprise that neither had anything kind to say of President Obama.

What was surprising was Wildmon's claim that, had President Obama being a Republican president, Republicans would have impeached him and removed him from office.

According to Wildmon, there is no Christian influence within the Democratic Party "so they don't have any moral standards to abide by," which is why Obama can get away with his "lawlessness and lying."

Republicans, he contends, conversely have a strong "Christian element" within the party that does not tolerate such things, and that is why "if a [Republican] president had done what Obama has done, they would be told 'you gotta go,' by your own party; 'you can 't do this.'"

What Wildmon is clearly hoping everyone will just conveniently forget is that the G.O.P. already had the chance to prove that they could impeach a Republican president for "lawlessness and lying," specifically when George W. Bush forced the United States into a fraudulently justified eight-year war, outed a C.I.A. officer, sanctioned torture, and signed into law the very NSA spying programs that they have now made a national hobby of complaining about.

The facts remain the same: The G.O.P.'s #1 beef with President Obama is that he came into the Oval Office wearing colors other than their own.

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