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Tijuana chihuahua run over by a trailer and left to die rescued by SPOT

Tijuana chihuahua run over by a trailer and left to die rescued by SPOT-slide0
SPOT-Saving Pets One at a Time

Two little chihuahuas are currently recuperating and being treated at SPOT-Saving Pets One at a Time after they were rescued in Tijuana.

For a week, the tiny chihuahua suffered with a serious eye injury and a leg broken in several places. No one stopped to help, but his little buddy never left his side.
SPOT-Saving Pets One at a Time

Imagine being a tiny, defenseless little chihuahua hit by a trailer and left to languish in agony on the side of the road for a week as callous pedestrians just walked on by and ignored the tiny dog's helpless cries? Finally a Good Samaritan came along, and rushed the seriously injured dog to an emergency veterinarian hospital where the little dog's eye had to be removed and his leg was cleaned and bandaged.

And then there's more; another little chihuahua wouldn't leave the injured dog's side. Fortunately, through the generosity of animal advocates both dogs have been rescued and are now at the Oceanside, Calif. rescue SPOT.

Now named Lucky and Pepito, both dogs are safe. Lucky, however is currently at Surfside Animal Hospital where Lucky will need surgery for his elbow in addition to his damaged paw and his broken leg.

A volunteer writes:

"Both boys are very sweet and kind, pretty unsure right now about what's going on and afraid to enter the house, I'm guessing they've never been inside a home without being chased off...Lucky also lost his right eye."

SPOT-Saving Pets One at a Time is currently asking for help with the anticipated expensive medical bills Lucky will have as his needs are attended to at the Surfside Animal Hospital. If you would like to help, please please click on the "Yellow" donate link on our website at

Pepito is currently being cared for at a rescuer's home. If you are able to provide a foster home for Pepito, email SPOT at and the volunteers will be in touch with you.

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