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Three 'vampire' urban legends from the U.S. and the U.K.

The Hollywood Cemetery is one place with a vampire urban legend
The Hollywood Cemetery is one place with a vampire urban legend
Wikimedia Commons/ Agadant

There is a lot of vampire lore out there from allergic to garlic, crosses, holy water, and sunlight, from them being destroyed by a stake of a heart, and many other things. From the dawn of the time there has been stories about vampires, which this article is looking at some urban legends that deal with vampires. Urban legends because these stories are a friend of a friend told me so, and some even believe that these stories are quite real.

So looking at three stories, two from the U.S. and one from the U.K.:

1. Lafayette, Colorado:

The first story deals with a local legend that is in Lafayette. The story deals with a real person, Fodor Glava, who was an immigrant from Transylvania. He died in Dec. 1918, which it's believed that Glava died from the Influenza Epidemic. Well Glava is part of a legend, it's reported that he's a vampire, who has been seen sitting on his gravestone. The appearance according to writer Pam Grout is this, he wears a black coat, he's tall and thin, has dark hair, and very long fingernails. What is also weird is that there is a tree growing from the middle of the grave, and some believe that this tree was once a stake that struck the heart of Glava.

2. Glasgow, Scotland:

The next story deals with an urban myth that kind of went out of hand, the urban myth was this: a vampire killed two young children. This vampire was 7ft tall, and had iron teeth. The vampire was called the Gorbals Vampire, a vampire that hung out in the cemetery, the Southern Necropolis. It was in the early 1950s when a large group of children (said to be hundreds) roughly around the ages of four to 14, went to the cemetery had armed themselves, because of their strong belief that this vampire actually existed. The hysteria was blamed on horror comics that the children were reading. Believe it or not, some of the parents were even so distraught about the incident, that they asked the police if there really was an undead creature roaming around. This story is a perfect example of mass hysteria and the power of myth.

3. Richmond, Virgina:

The last story stems from a real life tragedy. It was when the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad's Church Hill tunnel collapsed on Oct. 2, 1925. Now the Richmond vampire legend goes like this, a blood covered vampire with jagged teeth, emerged from the rubble. It was said to have skin hanging off from it's muscular body. The creature was also said to have been chased by a group of men, and had hid in the Hollywood Cemetery. It hid in the mausoleum of William Wortham Pool, a real life person, who was a bookkeeper. He died in 1922. The fact is this, it's believed that it was Benjamin F. Mosby, who was found like that, then later died in the hospital from his injuries.

So those were three urban legends that come from the U.K. and the U.S. These legends have been based off of some truths, but have been retold by using the monstrous vampire as it's main character. They range from little kids belief in a vampire running around their town, to vampires just hanging out at cemeteries with trees stuck in their heart, these stories are quite macabre.

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