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Three secrets of a successful open-door policy

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Contemporary managers know that one of the common fibers across all healthy workplace cultures is to maintain a truly open-door policy. These fibers must be faithfully woven into the culture if the open-door policy is get produce the results of moving the organization to high performance results.

To have completely successful open-door policy there are three elements required. (To learn more about any of the three click on the bullet).

Do not make employees wait until you go to them.

Welcome all comments.

React positively to suggestions.

These three attributes become habit when the manager is fully committed to the open-door policy. The fibers will grow based on experience.

There two times these fibers must be planted to be even more successful with your open-door policy. This is when manager is new to the organization or when the open-door policy is first being established an organization.

Once employees fully believe that the open-door policy is truly one designed to improve their work life communication across the entire organization will generate a superior employee morale.

This is an excerpt from a series on open-door policies developed by, a website dedicated to individual and business growth. It is used with permission.

© Max Impact, used with permission.

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