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New ‘Super Smash Bros. 4’ Wii U and 3DS characters revealed and moves detailed

Super Smash Bros. 4
Super Smash Bros. 4

The character roster of Super Smash Bros. 4 for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS has grown by three as the company has announced two brand new characters along with a returning fighter. According to a report by Polygon from July 14, Masahiro Sakurai, director of Super Smash Bros., announced and detailed Lucina and Robin from Fire Emblem: Awakening as two new characters joining the fight. Likewise, Captain Falcon from F-Zero makes a triumphant return and is ready to do battle in Super Smash Bros. 4.

Super Smash Bros. 4
Photo courtesy of Nintendo, used with permission.

You can find the video reveal of the new characters here.

The Fire Emblem franchise has a major presence in Super Smash Bros. 4 with the addition of Lucina and Robin. Both of these characters were introduced in Fire Emblem: Awakening, which was released for Nintendo 3DS. If you don’t recognize Robin’s name from Awakening it is for a good reason: this was the default name of the character players customized at the start of the title. Robin can be played as a male or a female character in Super Smash Bros. 4.

Joining this new pair is fan favorite Captain Falcon of F-Zero fame. In addition to announcing these new characters, Masahiro Sakurai also went into great detail on how these characters was play and how they will differ from the other fighters. Robin will be able to gain an advantage in battle by making use of tomes to keep opponents at a distance, meanwhile Robin can also use the Levin sword for melee combat. However, tomes have a limited number of uses – just like Fire Emblem – so finding a balance between the two fighting styles will be vital. Find Sakurai’s explanation below:

Robin, the avatar in Fire Emblem Awakening, joins the battle!! As a master of tomes and the Levin sword, Robin's not like any other swordfighter.

While Robin is totally unique, Lucina's moveset is similar to that of Marth. Sakurai notes that Lucina’s physical abilities are the exact same as to those of Marth, but their swords and attack strength differ. While Marth’s power is concentrated in the tip of the sword, Lucina’s attack power is balanced throughout the weapon. Find Sakurai’s full explanation below:

Along with Robin, Lucina joins the battle!! Her physical abilities are identical to Marth's--it must be in her D.N.A. However, where Marth's power is concentrated in the tip of the sword, Lucina's attack strength is balanced throughout the weapon, which might make her easier to control. She's also a little bit shorter than Marth.

With the inclusion of these three characters, the roster size of Super Smash Bros. 4 is now up to 36 characters. With more characters still to be announced, it seems highly likely that the complete roster will be in excess of 40 characters.

Super Smash Bros. 4 will be released for 3DS and Wii U later this year. Stay tuned for our hands-on impressions in the coming days.

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