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Thousands need food after floods in Afghanistan

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Flash floods in Afghanistan have displaced thousands of people who need food aid. The UN World Food Programme (WFP) said yesterday it has distributed emergency rations to 1600 victims in Baghlan Province. Other areas have been impacted by floods as well.

Claude Jibidar, WFP Afghanistan country director, says, "The past six weeks have seen repeated floods and landslides in many parts of Afghanistan, and WFP has systematically contributed to the emergency response. Our thoughts are with the families of those affected. WFP stands with the people of Afghanistan and is committed to continue providing humanitarian assistance in times of need.”

High energy biscuits are being distributed as the first phase of relief. This food is very easy to transport and provides quick nutrition without cooking or special storage. A donation from Switzerland allowed for the biscuits to be produced locally in Afghanistan.

As soon as the roads can be reopened, additional foods such as wheat and pulses will be delivered. WFP officers are currently using helicopter to reach the distressed areas.

Wahidullah Amani of WFP Afghanistan reports, "Roads to the area are still blocked and the government is working to re-open them. As soon as the roads are open, we will deliver food to all affected families. It may take a few more days to open the roads."

WFP, which relies on voluntary donations, is helping Afghanistan fight hunger after years of conflict and extreme poverty. Natural disasters, such as flooding and drought, have added to the crisis. Some families have lost everything they own and need aid from WFP and other organizations to survive.

School feeding and Food for Work to rehabilitate agriculture are among other projects WFP is working on to help Afghans overcome hunger and poverty.



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