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Things we will not do as government applies heavier jackboot to the throat

Citizens protest actions by the federal government.
Citizens protest actions by the federal government.
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

A conversation recently took place with a trusted veteran patriot who is a principled Constitutionalist. He stated, "As the current tyranny and despotism apply a heavier jackboot to our throats, the centralized government needs to know that there are some things we will not do no matter what."

Given how brazenly the Congress, the Courts, and the White House have attacked the personal, individual liberties of the citizens, a consensus seems to have emerged as to what, exactly, the resistance movement will not do no matter how much pressure is applied from the collectivists who run this government. Naturally this will involve civil disobedience.

Americans are going to have to get over thinking that the term "civil disobedience" is an unpatriotic, anti-American act that was indicative of the anti-war movement of the 1960s. The stalwart patriots of today love their country the way it was envisioned by the Framers in the Founding Documents. And it was those very same Framers who stated that when government crosses the line and begins to issue laws and edicts that are contrary to the original intent of the Framers, the citizens have a duty, a moral responsibility, to disobey the government. These sentiments were expressed eloquently and forcefully by Jefferson and Madison in particular, but by no means were they the only ones among the Framers who felt that way. This is one of the reasons they insisted that the citizens be armed. The primary reason, among others, is to deter and stop illegal acts by their own government. Jefferson believed that so tempting and seductive is the lure of bigger and bigger government that confiscates money from its citizens in the form of taxes to pay for it's programs that the country would probably need a revolution once every 20 years or so to rid the government of the charlatans and restore the Constitution as the final rule of law in the land.

The patriots of today are so adamant about guarding liberty and protecting the freedoms delineated in the Constitution from the groping, pilfering hands of politicians that they have pledged their very lives to defend that Constitution at all costs. This they intent to do by refusing to obey any law that flies in the face of Constitutional principles.

Here are at least some of the things such stalwart citizens will not do, no matter how heavy the government jackboot is laid to our throats.

-- We will not obey unconstitutional gun laws that weaken and render powerless the right of the people to keep and bear arms. This judge handed down an opinion this week that should be cause for alarm. This is what we are up against. But we will not obey, neither will we obey any limits on ammunition or magazines.

-- We will not obey any government directive that claims we cannot have adequate fire power to protect ourselves from a heavily armed centralized government. We will get the goods no matter what you say. Welcome to the largest black market in the world. You "progressive" tyrants created it. You should be happy about it. If "we the people" ever get ready to oust you for your crimes, we will get all the fire power and equipment we need. Live with it.

-- We will not participate in your lying, deceitful Ponzi schemes that are just as illegal as the kind carried out by Bernie Madoff. We are fresh out of money, the debt has skyrocketed to over $17 trillion and to over $100 trillion if you add in unfunded liabilities such as Social Security and Medicare. Yes, dear reader. It is time for you to wake up from your long sleep and accept the truth. Your government has been lying to you all along. There is no money in your Social Security fund. Neither is there any money in the Medicare fund. It's all paper, and it's all IOUs. Currently the government has no real money to fund these programs and countless others. The money you already receive if you are in these programs is borrowed from somewhere else. Why? Because your government spent it all, every red nickel, in the Social Security Trust Fund. That's right. Your government not only confiscated your money out of your paycheck against your will but it proceeded to spend it on other things once it went to Washington. And you are not really ready yet to know the full truth about Obamacare. All that can be said is make sure your life insurance policies are all up to date. You haven't seen anything yet.

-- We will work toward refusing to allow our children to attend public schools. We will encourage family members to take their children out of public schools if we do not have children in school. Do not wait another day. You do not want one more hour of propaganda being used to brainwash your children. Plus, simply refuse to subsidize the education of illegal aliens. Why is it that "progressives" believe that America should provide free education to the whole world? Get out of that system now. And demand of your local politicians that unless you have children in those schools, you don't want your taxes going to it, period.

-- We will refuse to hire illegal aliens, period. If you are doing that sort of thing, then you are just as much a lowlife lawbreaker as the illegal aliens. If we stop hiring them, they will go away.

-- We will not continue to support the Fascist money scheme represented by banks and investment firms that work in tandem with government. Therefore, we will work toward getting all of our money out of these entities. If you do not physically possess your money and hold it in your hand, it is not really yours. Government can confiscate it. In fact, it has already done so many times even as recently as FDR's administration. Roosevelt also confiscated gold owned by citizens. You need a system of possessing and then hiding your funds so that prying, roving eyes can't see it and take it by simply declaring a "national emergency."

-- We will refuse to allow government agents to monitor the free speech of pastors, evangelists, and other religious workers. We are ready to implement measures to insure you cannot enter a place of worship incognito. We are watching you just like you watch us. We will follow you wherever you go in the building and take note of where you sit. And if necessary we will call you out in public, asking you to leave the premises. Since you are there not for spiritual motives but only to find a way to use your illegal laws to assault a pastor and/or church for saying whatever they want, then we have no qualms about throwing you out. You have spied on us for too long and in too many ways. Now, it's our turn.

These measures are a mere beginning. This is the very least we can do. And if necessary, there is much more to come.

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