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Thief dressed in a 'fancy' penguin suit steals 10 cans of pseudo-fancy beer

Man in a 'quite conspicuous' penguin suit steals 10 cans of beer
Durham Police Department --CCTV Surveillance camera still

Police are still on the lookout for a man dressed up as a penguin. The New York Daily News reported on Monday that a man dressed in a “fancy penguin onesie (that’s a mascot-like costume to you and me)” took it upon himself to enter into a northern England convenience store early this week and steal 10 cans of beer.

You must understand that this wasn’t just any old beer. The penguin thief nabbed himself some Stella Artois lager from the convenience store shelves. “He entered into the store just after 10pm and took a crate containing ten cans” which were worth £8 [that’s about $13 before tax in US dollars], and left without paying,” reported The Northern Echo.

The penguin thief is described as being a “white male in his 20s” and wearing a black and white penguin suit with a yellow beak. A picture is being circulated in attempts to apprehend the costumed criminal. In the grainy surveillance camera still, it looks as though the alleged beer thief is taking off the head of his costume. Unfortunately, due to the quality of the picture the penguin thief’s face is difficult to make out.

Police had hoped that someone might have seen the petty thief. He was described as “quite conspicuous.” Surely, someone would have noticed a man on foot dressed up as a penguin, carrying beer in his flippers. But no news has surfaced regarding his whereabouts. One can only assume that the search continues and police remain flummoxed.

Neighborhood fisherman have been cautioned to keep an eye out for this perpetrator. Police in the area have put a call out for the penguin thief’s identification and capture. If anyone knows who he is, they are asked to call the local authorities immediately. Durham Police are waiting and can be reached at their website or via phone at +44 345 606 0365.

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