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These were the Canadian days that were

April 24th and 25th. Dates that mean April showers should soon be giving way to May flowers.

Also, April 24th and 25th are dates that bear some significance in Canada's national development. For instance, it was on April 24th, 1952, that oil from Alberta first reached Sarnia, Ontario -- long known as Canada's oil refinery centre--by pipe line and lake freighter. And, as of April 24th of this year, the debate continues on how to get more Alberta oil to eastern-based refineries. Pipelines and lake freighters worked then. Why not now?

In 2004, on April 24th, Canada won the women's world championship in curling.

April 24th, 1885, was a bloody day in Saskatchewan. It was then, and there (near Batoche) that the battle of Fish Creek took place. On one side, Middleton and his North West Mounted Police officers. On the other side, Gabriel Dumont and his followers. Eleven of Middleton's men were killed and 48 wounded. The repercussions from that day echo to tomorrow and beyond.

It was on April 25th, 1950, that the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, along with Prince Edward Island, signed a deal with Ottawa to build the Trans-Canada Highway. It took 20 years for the first stages of the road to be completed, and many are saying the construction is still continuing, especially through the Rocky Mountain/Rogers Pass area.

On a brighter note, it was on April 25th, 1972, that a ten month old kitten named Paula survived a fall from the 26th floor of an apartment building in Toronto. Too bad The Leafs can never seem to land on their feet.

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