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There will be NO amnesty - The Immigration Status Quo serves almost everybody


We’re in the last act of this year’s Immigration Amnesty Show. Congressmen are bellowing for it, illegal aliens are demonstrating about it, churches are praying for it. And, it still ain’t gonna happen. The whole effort is one big con job.

But, it has been fun. You must say that.

The status quo, that is; the existing state of affairs, serves all the end users of illegal aliens. All of them. Nobody wants to change anything, except us, those of us who want our laws obeyed and our border secured. But, as with so much in our country now, what the majority wants is less important than what the corporate masters want, which in this case is…more customers.

The singular purpose of this entire “immigration reform” charade has been to broadcast to the world to come to America.

  • Where from, doesn’t matter.
  • Race, doesn’t matter.
  • Skills, don’t matter.
  • Education level, doesn’t matter.
  • Civilized or not...doesn’t matter.

The open borders game is about numbers. Numbers of new consumers. And the goal is to increase the number of consumers as many as possible, as quickly as possible.

And, to be an American 1st World Consumer you don’t need to be in our country legally, you just need to be here.

You do need a job, and, coincidentally economic reports have shown, the majority of jobs created in the past 10 years are filled by “immigrants.”

Translation: Illegal aliens.

The Washington Times reported in July; a Center for Immigration Studies report which says 22.4 million immigrants of working age held jobs at the beginning of this year, up 5.3 million over the total in 2000. But native-born workers with jobs dropped 1.3 million over that same period, from 114.8 million to 113.5 million.

22.4 million legal and illegal immigrants of working age is 22.4 million new customers (probably a lot more). And those new customers, especially the illegal aliens, grew up watching American TV and American movies. They have seen exactly how we live here in America and they want to live like that too. If they come here illegally, as most do, they come with nothing and they want everything.

They are the perfect replacement customers for the aging Baby Boomer Consumers.

In January of this year, I wrote in Obama II: Let the Games Begin;

Talking about an amnesty gets them all what they want--the continued influx of people, legal, illegal, no matter. More people, more consumers. It's just that simple.

As the talk about the amnesty continues, it is reverberated through the echo chambers of both the English and Spanish speaking media in our country and around the world."

And we have heard a lot of talk this year, as we do in every odd numbered year, the even numbered years are election years…you know what I mean.

What they all want is what they get from talking about the coming amnesty; which is more illegal aliens coming to America believing that there is actually going to be an amnesty.

All this amnesty talk is just a big, continuous commercial, an inducement and welcoming message to illegal aliens.

So, in Act IV, the final Act this year, be prepared to be inundated with amnesty talk from pundits and politicians of varying intelligence and integrity and advocacy groups from both sides. It's a charade. Nothing will happen, except that the numbers of illegal aliens will continue to grow by millions, respect for the rule of law will continue its declining trajectory and our country will experience a rapid mutation into a north American version of 3rd World corruption and cynicism.

In April I wrote:

The current discussion about the immigration legislation that the so-called Gang of Eight is working on is 800 pages of shrill, shrieking fraud…It is the talk of amnesty that gets them all, every end-user in the illegal-alien-industrial-complex, exactly what they want; people deciding to come to America because they expect there is going to be an amnesty."

More illegal aliens more workers, more workers, more customers. That's the game.

In June, after S744 - the amnesty bill cleared the Senate by 2/3 vote I declared:
Intermission for the Amnesty Bill ;

The play will resume on July 9th when the House lights flicker on and off to announce the beginning of a boring Act III as the House of Representatives reconvenes in the second week of July. They will hit the Reset Button and start all over again, from the beginning; talking, talking, talking about Comprehensive Immigration Reform.


Act IV
The final act of this charade will begin on September 10th and it will be…intermittent.

On September 20th, from Mexico City, Vice President Joe Biden took to the Mexican TV airways and, among other things proclaimed:

With regard to immigration, let me make two things absolutely clear. It is not only from the perspective of the President, myself and the American people a matter of justice, respect, and according dignity to all people to bring 11 million undocumented men, women, and children out of the shadows, but it’s also overwhelmingly in the self-interest, the economic self-interest of the United States.

And you know that message was heard everywhere in Mexico and Central and South America.

This last act will continue until the first hard frost or snow, when it is obvious that the cold weather has started. Then follows the Christmas seasonal slowdown from Mexico.

So we are going to hear, for the next month or so, this year's final big welcoming commercial that will result in a situation where, as Pat Buchanan penned in Suicide of a Superpower, "...the Third World treks north to claim the estate."

Included in that final month will be probably another Presidential tirade about the obstructionist Republicans and, boy oh boy, do we really wanna pass that amnesty because there are jobs Americans won't do, blah, blah, blah.

Congressman Luis Gutierrez of Chicago will be quoted widely in both the American and, more importantly, Spanish language media. Et Cetera.

Churches will continue to make noise about “coming out of the shadows” and quoting Jesus to justify the open borders and virtual non-enforcement posture on the southern border. I guess their prayers have been answered, at least partially.

Then, there will be radio silence during the Christmas holidays.

Starting January 15th 2014, which is an election year, we will hear much less from congressmen and the president about "coming out of the shadows", and more from the Chamber of Commerce Clan and only those congressmen who have secure seats, like Charlie Rangle or Sheila Jackson Lee and those Senators who aren’t up for reelection next year or who are retiring.

It won’t be too loud, nothing like this year. But, it will continue to be heard in the Third World with unsurprising results.

Then, I predict the whole cycle will begin again following the 2014 elections and carry on loudly during 2015, regardless of who wins or loses next November.

And while many will cheer and applaud and pat themselves on the back for stopping the amnesty, not a word will be said about the damage that was done all year long during this farce.

Millions of encouraged illegal aliens entered our country this year without an obstruction or even the most basic enforcement to even slow them down, let alone deter them.

In a normal year, pick any year of the last 20 years prior to the Obama Administration, over 4 million illegal aliens entered our country. When there was an enforcement posture they would catch only one in five illegal entrants, on a good day. 1 in 7 on a bad day. If every day was a good day and the US Border Patrol made over a million apprehensions, which they did for twenty years, then at least 4 million illegal aliens made it in every year. And after the enhanced security following 9/11, many did not go home for the Christmas holidays and return in mid-January.

A retired Border Patrol supervisor told me earlier this year that the Border Patrol was catching 1 in 10 in Texas, and 1 out of 20 in Arizona.

This year’s number of illegal entrants is probably the largest number in history. Nobody knows for sure, but it could be between 5 and 10 million illegal border crossers.

So, when some want to break out the champagne to declare a victory when no legislation passes, keep in mind that the damage done by all the talk of an amnesty, the massive influx of “new customers,” was the plan all along.

And, to my knowledge NOBODY is saying or doing anything to publicize the invasion, or do anything to discourage or stop it.

No politician, no NGO bureaucrat, nobody.

The opposite, in fact.

Right on schedule for ACT IV, The National Border Patrol Council tells Breitbart,

...that Border Patrol management has begun the practice of ordering Border Patrol Agents to stand down and cease pursuing drug smugglers, human smugglers and traffickers, and illegal aliens."

And, E-Verify is down, which encourages employers to hire illegal aliens, because "they can't tell because E-Verify was down." Read it here on The Daily Caller.

We’re well on our way to half a billion people in this country by 2050, probably sooner. And, nobody is doing or saying anything about it.

Enjoy the bubbly.

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. --Winston Churchill


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