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Theo James girlfriend: Is Theo James dating Taylor Swift?

Theo James has easily become one of the hottest guys in Hollywood and it sounds like he may soon be off the market. Despite fans hoping that he would either (a) stay single forever or (b) date his "Divergent" co-star, Shailene Woodley, it appears as though he's chosen option (c) date the one person in Hollywood that no one wants you to date. On April 28, International Business Times reported that Theo James is being courted by Taylor Swift.

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Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

"Various reports have surfaced, saying that Swift is trying to make Theo James her new boyfriend. Fans can imagine how likely this may happen as Swift did once date One Direction singer, Harry Styles," reports the IB Times.

It's hard to picture Theo James dating someone like Taylor Swift -- he's so sweet and innocent and she's, well, not. The British actor has won the hearts of thousands of ladies because he's pretty much perfect -- so it's not surprising that Swift is going after him. He doesn't have a girlfriend at the moment (at least not to the public's knowledge) and while he and Woodley seem to have some serious chemistry, they aren't officially dating... yet.

The two are currently filming "Insurgent" which is part two of Veronica Roth's three-part series (which will be four films). Of course James (Four) and Woodley (Tris) are a couple on-screen so there is an awful lot of kissing going on... something that Taylor Swift wouldn't like, acting or not.

Theo James will be starring in two movies that come out this year: "London Fields" and "Franny" are both due to hit theaters by the end of the year. According to Entertainment Wise, Shailene Woodley wants Theo to jump into television -- she thinks he'd be super on "Game of Thrones," even though he's never seen the show. Either way, it seems like his schedule is way too full to take on a full-time television role.

Who do you think Theo James should date? Do you think he'd entertain the idea of dating Taylor Swift? Sound off in the comments below (and enjoy the slideshow above. You're welcome).

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