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The week of June 7, 2014 the most pivotal in decades

Barack Obama is flanked by two of his top architects of despotism, Valerie Jarrett and Eric Holder.
Barack Obama is flanked by two of his top architects of despotism, Valerie Jarrett and Eric Holder.
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

The week of June 7, 2014 has been the most pivotal week in decades, perhaps in a century. In order for one to see it and recognize it, however, requires the ability to accurately connect the dots. Merely looking at one event or one component of this multi-pronged house of cards will yield not only a partial picture of the situation at hand but possibly an entirely erroneous scenario that may lead one to conclude that things are not as bad as they seem.

Thus, it is vital that serious patriots and informed citizens learn to view things from a panoramic perspective. The failure to do so will lead some poor soul to conclude that an elephant is nothing more than a long movable trunk with no ears, no mouth, no body, and no legs. While each component must be carefully examined, it must be done so with the broad picture in mind, with the knowledge that an elephant is much more than merely the part we happen to be examining.

Today's penchant for the short headlines and three-second sound bytes is the perfect setup for getting it wrong. Today's media does not have the time nor the interest in looking at the broad picture. Thus, viewers are treated night after night to a quite erroneous point of view about what is actually going on in the body politic. The talking heads don't accurately report it because they have not taken the time to delve into it deeply enough. Add to that their collectivist bias, and what you have on CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and ABC each evening is but one big opinion piece that contains very little hard news or investigative reporting. And in this sense, the mainstream media alone is responsible for much of the irrational points of view one often hears from fellow citizens. That irrational narrative goes something like this: Obama lies, sure enough, but he has to. After all, he has had to clean up the mess left by George W. Bush. And if by now, after six years in office the economy has not turned around completely, none of it is Obama's fault. He has had to undo what Bush did, although his term of office came to a close six years ago.

Such a crazy, mixed up narrative is laughable but fully embraced by millions of Americans who drink in without question the Obama propaganda they view each night on the major networks. And this is merely one small example among countless examples of contradictory messages coming out of the White House and the mainstream media.

But the most dangerous consequence of focusing on the nonsense of CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN is that one will totally miss the real story that has been unfolding right before our eyes, all of which came to a head this week. The various components of the story as delineated below are in no particular order. Each is of extreme importance.

First, there is the strange story of Private Bergdhal. Rarely if ever has Obama made such a big deal about "not leaving any American behind." Others have been in much worse circumstances. One poor lady has been waiting for two years for the Obama administration to do something about the imprisonment of her pastor husband who was caught in the cross hair of Muslim extremists in Iran. But he is not the only one, according to a report in Breitbart which quotes U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.

But this is not the oddest part of the story, Not only did Obama make Bergdhal an international news story, but when the truth came out from his fellow soldiers that he had deserted them on the battlefield, the Obama machine went right for the jugular of the soldiers, charging that they "swiftboated" Berghdal and may be mentally unstable. But why? What is it about this story that is so vital to the Obama machine that they are willing to go to such lengths to defend a deserter while doing basically nothing about other Americans being held by Islamists?

Next, there is the continuing saga of Lois Lerner and the IRS scandal. The agency now claims that two years' worth of emails between Lerner and others in the IRS, Congress, and the Justice Department have been "lost." Gone. Poof. Finis. Clearly someone at the top did not want Congress to see what Lerner had told them about deliberately targeting conservatives, Tea Party members, and religious organizations such as the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and its partner Samaritans Purse. This comes after Lerner refused to answer any questions under oath before Congress.

This issue identifies one of the absolute worst things a government can do to its citizens -- target them for their political views using the intimidation inherent in perhaps the most powerful entity of the government, the dreaded Internal Revenue Service. If heads need to roll over anything at all, it should be this one. And it just so happens that members of Congress are involved. If the government had one ounce of integrity left in its convoluted, sewer-corrupted brain, it would go after everyone connected to this scandal from Congress to the IRS, from the Justice Dept. to the White House, and make them pay the ultimate penalty for pure tyranny. You want a modern example of abject tyranny? This is it.

Third, the VA hospital scandal only keeps getting worse. What started as an isolated incident at one hospital now encompasses dozens of VA facilities throughout the country, as well as hundreds of thousands of veterans who have been refused care due to long waiting lines or incompetence, or both. When you need medical care immediately, but your provider tells you that you will have to wait a year or two for treatment, that is the same as being told you are being denied care. You will be dead before they decide they can see you.

Obama claims, for the umpteenth time on various issues, that he only heard about this problem recently "in the news." But the record shows that he spoke about this problem as far back as 2009 and again in 2010. Documents also prove that he has known full well about the enormity of the problem for years yet did nothing to correct it. It is no coincidence that DHS in 2009 included U.S. veterans in its laundry list of "potential homegrown terrorists." Perhaps Obama's healthcare program for vets includes a caveat -- allow as many as possible to die first, then treat what's left. That should thin the ranks. This, by the way, is the manner in which Obamacare is suppose to work.

Fourth, the Common Core educational system for public schools, which has been implemented by federal mandate, is a brainwashing scheme to twist U.S. history, create doubt on the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution, and use propaganda techniques to make children into good little slaves and footsoldiers for the elites who plan to run America as dictators. One of the objectives of the program is to keep certain students out of college by using testing early on to place them in the "worker drone" track. They will not be allowed to choose their own course. They will be told they don't have the capacity for college. Their "skills" are best utilized in the worker bee caste in Cass Sunstein's brave new world. It was Sunstein, by the way, who first noted that Communist China was using such techniques to control their population, and he came away from the experience exclaiming that this is something we could use in the United States.

You do remember, don't you, that Sunstein has been one of Obama's top advisers, along with Ezekiel Emanuel, John Holdren, Van Jones, John Podesta -- many of whom are funded by atheist billionaire/collectivist George Soros. These are not good people.

Fifth, Obama has been making noise once again about using executive orders to create law when it comes to gun control. He lamented he can't get gun control bills approved by Congress, including the Senate which is controlled by Democrats. So, he is considering using the EO once again to illegally make law without authorization of Congress. This is one of many impeachable offenses.

Sixth, the current assault on the southern border by illegal aliens is one of the most outrageous things this reporter has ever witnessed in 40 years of involvement in politics. The United States now has open borders but Congress never voted for it. Obama has made it thus by refusing to enforce U.S. law, a dereliction of duty specified by the Constitution. How are all of these children getting to our southern border without adults? Somebody, somewhere had to help them get here so that they could be dumped on the American southwest, complete with diseases, no families, no place to go. But they just happened to bring with them human traffickers from Mexico and Central America who will have a field day in snatching the defenseless and forcing them into slavery. This is not to mention the drug cartels who have found yet another wide gap in the border through which any criminal or terrorist can gain easy entrance into the United States. Do not think that the day will not come when the entire country will pay a deadly price for being so haphazard with the southern border.

And what has Obama done? Zilch. In fact, the current chaos at the southern border seems to be precisely what he's been wanting all along. Those busloads of children did not get here by accident. They had help. And that help came from high places in the United States.

Seventh, all of the blood, sweat, and tears that countless Americans sacrificed for over a decade in liberating and working to secure Iraq and Afghanistan are now going to waste. Obama is now in the process of telling the families of dead soldiers, and wounded soldiers, in essence that everything they did in Iraq and Afghanistan was in vain. Did you lose a son in Iraq? Do you not realize that Obama is telling you through his present policy that that your son's death was totally in vain? That it was a complete waste? That it did not matter one iota?

Meanwhile, as the Muslim-leaning despot in the Oval Office discounts the lives lost, he has bumbled himself into creating a scenario where a terrorist group even more dangerous than al Qaeda is up and running in Iraq. They go by the name of ISIS. And mark it down, this group has its target on the United States. No American in any place on earth is safe.

Now, taking the panoramic view of these various scenarios, all coming to fruition the week of June 7, 2014, what do you think is happening here? What is your assessment? All of these various components are intricately wound together with one common thread, which should be quite obvious to anyone whose eyes are open and who is paying attention.

That common thread is that all of this is designed to destroy America as we know it. All the puppet master in the Oval Office has to do is to pull the rip cord, pull the thread that ties together all of the various components. At that point it all collapses.

Various and sundry patriot groups, such as Oathkeepers and the Three Percenters, who know the score have often stated that the prudent course is to "hope and pray for the best but prepare for the worst." Now would be a good time to focus on the latter.

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