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'The Walking Dead': Unknown facts fans need to know

Do you know everything about Daryl Dixon?
Frederick M. Brown/Getty

Fans of “The Walking Dead” seem to have a handle on what is going on in the post-zombie apocalypse. However, these are several facts that many of those fans may not know, but should. According to an April 4 report by BuzzFeed, there are several things fans of “The Walking Dead” do not know.

There are several facts about those who are gone but not forgotten that fans should know. When Dale died during the second season, his guts were made out of chicken breasts. T-Dog's real name was Theodore Douglas.

There are also the behind the scene facts every fan of “The Walking Dead” should know. One of those is the fact that Daryl's crossbow can be purchased at Walmart for $300. HBO passed on “The Walking Dead.” They thought it was too violent. Carl's stunt double is a woman. She is a 31-year-old woman named Ashley. The one-eyed dog, Dooley, is a real-life hero. He saved his owner from a carjacker. That is how he lost his eye.

Facts from the comics can not be left out. Daryl and Sasha were not in the comics. Glen and Maggie end up adopting Sophia. Surprisingly, in the comics, Rick and Andrea are lovers. Carol's husband was never mentioned in the comics. Rick's hand was cut off in the comics.

Facts about the walkers should also be known. Walkers do not blink. Any blinking done by the actors is edited out during post-production. As the series progresses, the walkers are more decomposed. They are slowly becoming more and more gray. Actors who portray walkers are instructed to act as if they are leaving a bar at closing time. The people the walkers eat are really hams soaked in vinegar.

Perhaps the most interesting fact is Terminus is a real place. In the 1830s, it was the town at the end of the Western and Atlantic railroad lines. It was renamed Atlanta. Seeing it was “the end of the line” in real life, it very well could be the end of the line for survivors.

No matter how closely fans follow “The Walking Dead,” there are almost always a few facts that are missed or forgotten. Seeing the new season will not start until next fall, there is plenty of time of re-watch the old episodes to see what was missed.

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