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‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 finale spoilers: ‘A’ offers up brutality (video)

"The Walking Dead" season 4 finale reveals what every fans wants to find out. The final episode is on March 30 and there is no shortage of guessing when it comes to what the fans are expecting. Perhaps, there needs to be less of that as spoilers for this episode are released and it appears the crew is getting closer to Terminus and when prison members reunite, brutality is waiting. This is “The Walking Dead” spoiler for the season finale and details will be revealed about the upcoming episode “A.” Fans who don’t want to know about the last show should look away now. According to International Business Times, the characters might find hope on their journey to Terminus or brutality could await them.

The site WetPaint is reporting on Saturday that fans should expect three storylines in the season finale. The tracking Rick, in order to take revenge, has some group members looking to get even for the death of one of their own. Another storyline includes the arrival of The Hunters. This group of cannibals offer a new look at an age old lifestyle in the finale episode and expect to see things get worse for prison members.

Finally, the episode has a torturous cliffhanger that will make the fans wait until the new season for answers. Going big, the show is expected to be the best yet and that’s not going to be easy as “The Walking Dead” has already gone far beyond typical zombie shows.

Will somebody die on the season finale? So far, there is no indication that a killing is imminent. However, in the world where anyone could be axed at the drop of a hat, expect the unexpected as the twists and turns of this show are never predictable.

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