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The very best chocolate truffles for Valentine’s Day – Jama Cocoa

I’m not talking Hershey’s here; I’m talking fair and sustainable, single origin, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles. If you are considering chocolates for your very special loved one who craves and understands fine chocolate you should be thinking Jama Cocoa. Based in Baltimore, Jama Cocoa patrons can order on-line (credit card and bitcoin) and the locals have the choice to visit their shop in Arbutus, sit down and enjoy one or all six single origin truffles and/or hot cocoa. Also available now is a limited offer Valentine's Day chocolate hearts.

Single origin chocolate truffle from Madagascar -  Jama Cocoa
Single origin chocolate truffle from Madagascar - Jama Cocoa
Courtesy of Jama Cocoa
limited offer chocolate hearts being made for Valentine's Day
photographs by Dara Bunjon©

With single origin chocolates the cacao bean comes from one specific region in the world, not a mix blend sourced from i.e. Hawaii and from Madagascar. Each specific region has its own distinctive flavors, picking up notes from fruits and berries, nuts, coffee that grow within that region. These hand-crafted truffles are made to melt in your mouth. I took three small bites out of each of the truffles at Jama Cocoa and let them melt slowly in my mouth, relishing the super smooth texture and the notes of flavors from each of the six single-origin chocolate truffle.

Jama Cocoa Single Origin Chocolate Truffles

PERU – Macha Picchu – Lighter, strong fruity flavors with notes of orange, apricot, and apple that are coated with the unrivaled, earthy flavored, Italian Domori cocoa powder.

VENEZUELA – Sur del Lago - Notes of caramel, fruit, and almonds. Coated in Cacao Barry cocoa powder.

MADAGASCAR – Strong notes of cherry and raspberry deliver a robust flavor that is instantly noticed. They are coated with the finest Valrhona cocoa powder.

COLUMBIA, SOUTH AMERICA – Curcci – Nutty, caramel notes witha light floral, strong fruity flavors with notes of chili pepper, orange, and hazelnut. They are coated with the unrivaled, earthy flavored, Italian Domori cocoa powder.

HAWAII - West coast of Oaho –Notes of honey and burnt caramel – a bit sweeter than the other Jama Cocoa truffles. They are coated with the finest Valrhona cocoa powder.

ECUADOR – Arriba- Slight notes of cherry with abundance of caramel balance and hints of chili. They are coated with Cacao Barry cocoa powder.

Who is Jama Cocoa? Jama Cocoa is the passion of Jamasen Rodriguez, a Johns Hopkins University student, who at the age of five was learning math through baking from his mother. His chocolate fixation eventually led to him making truffles out of his dorm room. In 2011 after a successful Kickstarter crowd sourcing campaign, a group of Johns Hopkins students built a team, each bringing their unique talents to the sweet table of Jama Cocoa.

Jamasen Rodriquez, an economic major and the culinary talent, tasted 30 to 40 brands of chocolate before choosing which chocolate maker was the best. He told me the company name but under the threat of being cut off from chocolate for the rest of my life I will not reveal. But I digress.

A stint working pastry at Galletto’s Ristorante in his hometown of Modesto California the summer of 2012 had Jamasen pitch his business to the owner; Tom Gallo. Gallo wanted to invest which had the Jama Cocao team review and update their business plan. The concept now includes working with up and coming and established local artist and featuring their work on their boxes and in their future stores throughout the country - similar to Starbucks but with chocolate.

To shorten a long story, Jamasen Rodriguez connected with his culinary idol Jacques Torres, international renowned chocolateir and after a couple meetings Torres is now mentoring him and Jama Cocoa.

With a quality product, and I should say delicious; a solid business plan already recognized by INC Magazine’s Coolest College Start-ups and a solid vision – Jama Cocoa has success written all over it.

Jama Cocoa
5403 East Drive
Baltimore MD 21227
443 823 6308

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