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The Texas Backlot hosts Autumn Daze Craze on 9/13-adventure, fitness and stunts

Coming soon to The Texas Backlot is a race worthy of American ninjas. Try out your obstacle skills by signing up for the Autumn Daze Craze on September 13, 2014. Benefiting the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, runners can participate for $52, or volunteer a few hours before the race for a discount. Spectators can watch for $10, however, they will not have earned the same bragging rights as the runners.

The Texas Backlot obstacle course and event center provides obstacle course training, events, and event stunt classes.
Cliff Silver
Burns and other stunt events are also offered at The Texas Backlot.
Cliff Siler

Founded in 2011 by Cliff Silver and his friend Tex, with over twenty years experience in the movie stunt industry, the duo felt the urge to bring some excitement to the world of fitness and adventure. As it stands, The Texas Backlot is the only local place to train on actual obstacles. Cliff and Tex regularly offer free basics courses to ensure safety on the rugged, urban terrain participants will encounter.

The facilities are open for training on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. to get prepared to conquer the sledgehammer, tires, sand trap, hill and rope climbs, dead lifts, rope slides, belly crawl and hurdles. Anyone ages 14 and up can pay a visit to the site in Euless and test their strength, stamina and ability to adjust to the elements in this 3 kilometer course.

The Texas Backlot isn't just tough terrain. For the extra daring, skills and stunt workshops, including high falls and fire burns, are also offered. Real fire, real tire mountains, real rope climbs and stilts. Perfect for those searching for a fuller fitness experience, The Texas Backlot will make you a true warrior.

The Texas Backlot is located at 12700 Cemetery Road in Euless and is open for those who enjoy getting tough and challenging themselves year-round always in preparation for whatever life throws at you.

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