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The tech tools that help real estate agents get more sales

The tech tools that help real estate agents get more sales
The tech tools that help real estate agents get more sales
Paula Neal Mooney

Plenty has changed in the days of home buying and selling since the movie American Beauty was released in 1999, featuring Annette Bening as a hapless real estate agent, performing self-help talks in the mirror that professed, “I will sell this house today!”

In the lightning fast pace of technology, things have even changed on the realtor front in more recent times, when characters like Phil Dunphy from Modern Family rely on standard cell phones as the basic selling tool to assist them with acing their fictionalized careers – but it takes tips from the super selling agents of reality TV shows such as Million Dollar Listing and other real life agents in order to learn how to step up their techy games to really move houses and earn big commissions.

Here are a few ways real estate agents are using new technology to move houses:

#1 – Load up Instagram and other social sharing apps on your smartphone – and use them!

If you want to end up high on the leaderboard of websites like Rate My Agent, you need to know how to play with the big boys. Super-agent Fredrik Eklund uses social media not only to display his personal life, but his Instagram page also features fabulous photos of newly listed properties for sale. One such photo of an $11 million condo – with Eklund posing in the bathtub, fully clothed and showing off the amazing skyscraper view – drew a real buyer prior to the broker even listing the place for sale.

#2 – Use Google Glass for virtual tours and videos

If you search for “Google Glass” and “real estate” or “realtor,” you’ll begin learning a plethora of new ways that innovative home sellers are using the electronic glasses to pitch homes. From offering virtual home tours to recorded events, Google Glass benefits homebuyers by not requiring people to meet their realtors in person at a variety of potential new home locations in order to check out the property.

Uses of the Google Glass product can include providing a lot more virtual access to clients – everything from contract viewing to more convenient home touring – and that faster, instantaneous access spells higher sales for agents ahead of the techy game.

#3 – Buy a drone for revolutionary home touring

Kiplinger reports that plenty of industries are chomping at the bit, salivating over the day that the FAA officially declares drone use legal for commercial purposes. One of the industries that will benefit from drone use is the real estate industry, with talk of how luscious videos of drones swooping around a property with ease can be created. Just imagine a realtor being able to fly a drone all around a house and record a video that shows the homebuyers everything from the chimney, roof shingles, backyard and all around the property in a way that no other video could.

Intrepid realtors aren’t waiting for FAA approval on such matters, but taking to the Internet to buy their own drones like The Pocket Drone in order to be one of the first in the sales industry to take advantage of such devices. As long as the drones are flown safely around properties and not too highly into the sky as to interfere with commercial planes – after all, recent reports say that a drone being sucked into a plane’s engine could be devastating – it should represent one more technology tool that helps advance a career well into the best of the 21st century.

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