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The Superior Dome: Home of the Northern Michigan Wildcat football team

The Superior Dome
The Superior Dome
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by Ray Anthony

The Superior Dome

The Superior Dome, located on the campus of Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan, is touted as the "world’s largest wooden dome.” The Superior Dome is home to the NMU Wildcat Football team and plays host to many other events through out the year.

“The dome is 14 stories tall, has a diameter of 536 ft (163.4 m), and covers an area of 5.1 acres (21,000 m²). It is a geodesic domenconstructed with 781 Douglas Fir beams and 108.5 miles (175 km) of fir decking. The dome is designed to support snow up to 60 pounds per square foot (2.87 kPa) and withstand 80 mile per hour (130 km/h) winds. It has a permanent seating capacity of 8,000, though the building can hold as many as 16,000 people. The Book of World Records 2010 listed it as the fifth-largest dome and largest wooden dome in the world.”

Should you be visiting the Marquette Michigan area, in search of site-seeing information, you may wish to stop by Marquette's starting point: Lake Superior Community Partnership who offer a wealth of information about Marquette County. Or, if you wish to be an outdoor adventure traveler and go on a self-guide tour, start at Presque Isle Park: The crown jewel site-seeing spot of Marquette Michigan. The island provides an abundance of site-seeing spots to explore.

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