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The summer movie countdown to uncover Maleficent’s tale

Getty: Maleficent summer movie press tour in Paris

While filmmakers of the summer flick “Maleficent” have said that they’ve been cognizant to stick to what people love about the classic Disney film "Sleeping Beauty," they hope that the introduction to Maleficent’s tale will enlighten you to a beautiful new world within the original story. Filmmakers say that it will be, “very different from what people are going to expect.”

After the release of the trailer, and seeing Jolie’s uncanny ability to mimic Maleficent’s aura, the eagerness sets in to uncover how Walt Disney Pictures will play out Maleficent’s character in full. The press tour for the summer movie kicked off today in Paris. Photos were released of Jolie and Aurora’s character, Elle Fanning, holding hands and laughing despite their opposing roles.

While Jolie was in character though, there was little for some to smile about. Jolie’s character was so believably witching that casting for the young Aurora proved to be very difficult. Jolie’s daughter (and now co-star) was the only 4-year old that didn’t cry during auditions. For the role of young Aurora, it was essential to have a 4-year old child that was willing to not only be fearless of Maleficent, but be able to amicably play with the villainous character.

This is the first movie that Robert Stromberg has directed. But after winning an Oscar for Art Direction in Alice in Wonderland and Avatar, as well as his notorious involvements in other big name films, there leaves little room for uncertainty in how beautifully coordinated the viewers can expect this feature film to be. calls the film one of the most anticipated summer movies this year. In an interview clip, Jolie explains how important the role was to really be ‘all-in’ on the character. Both Maleficent and Jolie have been described as possessing an elegant beauty and Jolie's interpretation of the character as wickedly mesmerizing. The countdown begins as film releases in theaters end of May.

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