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The shopping list for 2.17.10: Green Lantern, Joe the Barbarian, Uncanny X-Men, Jason, Hercules


Green Lantern #51

Tomorrow is new comic book day! But with so many books coming out each week, what's a comic book fan to do? Your local Examiner is here to help, with a list of the top 5 must have (or least give a look) comics hitting stands this week. What are you reading?

1. Green Lantern #51

Blackest Night may still be recovering from its month off, but the story continues in the pages of Green Lantern. Issue #50 was one of Johns' best yet, featuring some great characterization of the new deputies and the return of Parallax to do battle with the Specter, neatly tying this chapter of Hal Jordan's saga into its beginnings in Rebirth. Expect more of the same good stuff in this issue.


Joe the Barbarian #2

2. Joe the Barbarian #2

The first issue of the series was beautiful and did a great job of drawing readers in, but was mostly setup. This issue looks to really get the ball rolling on Morrison and Murphy's epic fantasy, set within the confines of a teenager's bedroom. Now's the time to get on this train before it leaves the station.


Uncanny X-Men #521

3. Uncanny X-Men #521

As the Second Coming event draws near, the X-Men are still trying to get their act together on Utopia. The island is no longer sinking, but there is still plenty of tension, particularly surrounding the arrival of Magneto. Now, Magneto has taken to meditating on top of a mountain, but for what purpose?...Well, actually, if you've seen the cover of Uncanny X-Men #522 that Marvel spoiled a while back - and a cinematic trailer to go along with it, no less - then you can probably make a pretty good, educated guess. Nonetheless, it will still be interesting to see.


Almost Silent

4. Almost Silent

Jason is a fantastic minimalist cartoonist who loves to combine multiple schools of genre fiction, placing a more subtle theme underneath them. He's also very prolific and is responsible for such great comics as The Last Musketeer and Low Moon. This volume collects many of his earliest comics, so if you haven't been exposed to his work before, here's someplace to start.


Incredible Hercules #141

5. Incredible Hercules #141

One of those great comics that consistently fell under the radar, I myself admit to having missed out on this series. Yet, it still managed to outlast many of its kin, such as Captain Britain and MI:13 and Runaways. The finale is finally here, however, so fans should enjoy it for what its worth, and continue to hope that rumors of Herc's resurrection in the Heroic Age prove to be more than just rumors.



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