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The scariest words known to Conn. law enforcement

Guns are in the spotlight in Connecticut.
Guns are in the spotlight in Connecticut.
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

"They're coming."

Those two simple words, says Mike Vanderboegh, are the scariest words known to law enforcement officials in Connecticut.

Vanderboegh wrote those words in response to a report in The Truth About Guns which examines whether or not another Waco styled massacre could be sparked by Connecticut's new gun and ammo laws.

But who comprise the "they" referenced in the sentence? And what are "they" coming to do?

That depends entirely on what law enforcement in Connecticut decides to do next in light of the fact that as of Monday all of its highly restrictive gun and ammunition laws went into full effect. If law enforcement decides not to aggressively enforce these laws, then everyone can breath a sigh of relief. But if they decide to pursue, arrest, and prosecute the more than 100,000 gun owners in the state who refuse to register their guns, ammo, and magazines, this could well be the tipping point that pushes Connecticut over the edge into civil war in one of the most unlikely places -- the progressive/collectivist hotbed of New England.

Astute law enforcement officials and officers in Connecticut know that gun owners and liberty oriented citizens have had enough of government overreach into their lives. They also know they are angry enough to do something about it.

Further, the smartest of the law enforcement officers know that if they decide to aggressively pursue the 100,000, there will be a heavy price to pay. Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, and sympathetic citizens of all stripes who know persons in these groups have no intention of obeying a tyrannical law signed by a tyrannical governor, which was approved by a tyrannical legislature.

This means that there will be heavy resistance to any attempt by Conn. law enforcement to enforce these laws.

And all it will take for an all-out civil war to break out in Connecticut is for one lone cop to make one wrong move, such as the nation witnessed in horror at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, and at Ruby Ridge.

According to many in the gun rights movement, the one thing liberty activists have learned from those two scenarios is that the next time the jack booted thugs decide to act with deadly aggression on innocent citizens, the Oath Keepers, the Three Percenters, and other citizen groups within the liberty movement will act swiftly, prudently, precisely, and accurately.

This is precisely why Vanderboegh contends that when cops contemplate the possibility of hearing the word from their superiors, "They're coming," it is enough to strike abject fear into the minds of the smart ones.

Vanderboegh had already written a letter to the state legislatures of both New Jersey and Rhode Island which stated, "Are you seriously proposing to having your own skulls turned into soap dishes?" But that question is just as suitable and pertinent for Connecticut, New York, and Maryland.

The types of laws these states are approving are a direct infringement on the Constitutional right of the people to keep and bear arms. And the people, in turn, are saying no. We will not comply. Your move.

And if that next move by law enforcement is to strictly enforce these tyrannical laws, it will mean that state legislators and governors in these states have insured their own suicide. Not only that, but if and when this happens, civil war will break out not only in Connecticut but across the entire country.

Vanderboegh speculates on the likely scenario:

Given the lack of numbers available to the state authorities, they will fall back on the federally-sponsored vertical integration of law enforcement. They will turn to the tried and true "joint task forces." Yet as the analysts know only too well, that merely increases exponentially the opportunities for operational security compromise. It also guarantees one other thing, which they may or may not have thought through: The moment that federal forces get involved in such firearm raids in CT is the moment that the civil war starts in all 50 states.

On a related note, National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea will be the featured speaker Saturday at a major gun rights rally in the capital of Connecticut, right on the Capitol building grounds. Here he adds his take to the prospects of civil war in Connecticut and one looming tactical consideration that must be considered.

Two things are needed to avert this possible national catastrophe. Government at all levels -- local, state, and federal -- must back off its attempt to restrict the rights protected by the Constitution. And citizens who have supported these restrictive measures must begin to respect the rights of their fellow citizens, even if they think those rights are unimportant.


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