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The saga of T-Mobile continues

What does the future hold?
What does the future hold?
Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images for T-Mobile

Over the last two days, the world of Bellevue-based T-Mobile and their parent company Deutsche Telekom have just become a little more complicated. Yesterday, Deutsche and T-Mobile rejected the $15 billion dollar bid by French-based Iliad communications. Today, Sprint-Nextel pulled their bid to buy the Bellevue-based company. Now, they are taking a second look at Iliad's offer to buy 56.6% of the company. This has only been the latest chapter in the soap opera that ask the question: will T-Mobile every make it to the alter?

For anyone that hasn't been following the soap opera it goes back to early 2009 when rumors first started about Deutshe Telekom might take over Sprint-Nextel. Those rumors went away until early 2011 when Sprint-Nextel started talking about a merger with Bellevue-based T-Mobile. Those rumors once again went away quickly ending the first chapter of the T-Mobile saga.

The second chapter start just as quick as the first one ended. On March 12, 2011 the number 2 cellular provider AT&T start talking to Deutsche about a merger with T-Mobile, The talks continued throughout the year as the two cellular companies fought opposition from Sprint-Nextel and the government agencies. When it was looking like the two were just about to reach the alter, AT&T called off the wedding. It ended up costing AT&T a $4 billion dollar break-up fee and ended chapter 2 of the saga.

Chapter 3 started in May of 2012 talks of a merger between number 4 T-Mobile and number 5 MetroPCS began. As the talks continued the two companies found that they had plenty of common ground. Since they were both far behind the three cellular companies ahead of them there wasn't much opposition. Almost a year after the talks started they end with T-Mobile and MetroPCS walking to the alter. This ended chapter 3 of the saga with Deusche Telekom becoming the parent company of a larger combined company that still ranked 4th behind AT&T, Sprint-Nextes and Verizon.

The next chapter looks like it might still involve Iliad, as Deusche is taking a second look at the offer, and Sprint-Nextel. Stay tuned to see if it does continue with these same companies or if other players just into the pages of the saga.