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The Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ

The Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ
The Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ

The Bible does contain many prophecies that have already been fulfilled. And it doesn't take a Bible Scholar to realize that Jesus will be coming back soon. But to preoccupy ourselves with this event would be a mistake. Why? You see Jesus lived a life of complete obedience to the father and he was our perfect example. Jesus told us to occupy ourselves until he comes; therefore we are to continue living out our day to day routines. This is not to say that we aren't excited about his return! Of course we are delighted with the thought of Jesus’ 2nd coming but we also have to keep a healthy balance in all things.

Let’s say for example that in every conversation we are insistent upon mentioning the fact of Jesus’ return. This would be an unhealthy balance, why? Well not every conversation is going to be relevant to this event. There is a time and season for every activity under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1). We must also respect people's thoughts and words; sometimes people just need to be listened to. And although we yearn for his return he does have work for us to complete such as raising our families, paying our bills and of course enjoying our lives.

Every Christian that loves God also realizes that God desires for every human being to come to him. He does not want anyone to perish (2nd Peter 3:9). So even though we desire to be taken to heaven with Jesus we also yearn for the world to come to know him and his goodness. This involves loving and reaching out to the world around us! Can you imagine how many people still have to open their hearts to the savior. You see when Jesus comes back it will be hopefully to gather multitudes of people on this earth.

The basic point is that we must not forget our fellow man or the lives that God has given us down here on earth. Another key factor to consider is being appreciative of our lives. God breathed life into us and we have purpose! Realizing how precious our lives are creates a wonderful attitude to live in victory. Therefore we must learn to love more, and this comes only from the strength and power of God within! He is the one who has equipped us to love and spread his word (2nd Peter 1:3). Without God dwelling within us we are powerless to love and walk in true consistent victory. We must learn to depend upon him daily for wisdom, courage and strength.

Friend God desires for you to come to him. He is knocking at your heart’s door. Will you let him in? You too can be one of the many rejoicing Christians on the day of our Lord’s return. God bless you!

By Gordon E. Dawe