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The reasons ‘GTA V’ fans are still waiting on their ‘GTA Online’ payouts

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It’s no secret that the first month of Grand Theft Auto Vs online multiplayer mode experienced a rough start. Even Rockstar Games warned player of expected rocky waters ahead of the GTA Online launch yet, now a month into the game, players are still running into issues of data loss that causes character or property deletion. It’s because of these very issues that the developer has repeatedly postponed their planned $500,000 in-game stimulus payments. Rockstar Games announced the now familiar message on Nov 1 that the next title update, along with the first stimulus payout, is expected to release next week. However, this same statement has been issued by the developer each week since the stimulus payments were first announced.

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The $500,000 gift was meant to help GTA Online early adopters who might have suffered through troublesome network connectivity issues or data loss that resulted in deleted characters, property, vehicles, or progress. For those wondering why the payouts haven’t just been handed out regardless, Rockstar Games wishes to address the issues cause such data loss before giving players half a million dollars that could potentially end up becoming lost due to the ongoing problems of the game. It is for this reason that the stimulus payments, which were initially expected to be released in full by the end of October, are continually being delayed each week. At this point, exactly when gamers will receive the money is entirely dependent upon Rockstar Games’ ability to release a patch for GTA 5 that solves the title’s underlying network issues.

It seems that work on server stability has taken all of the developer’s attention as this also marks the second week in a row that fans didn’t receive any information regarding the upcoming online heist missions after the developer had stated that they would divulge details in the previous week. Rockstar Games is apparently learning as they proceed as no mention of releasing info about GTA Online heists has been promised for next week.

Grand Theft Auto V is out now only on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Owners of the game were given access to GTA Online for free when the servers went live on Oct 1. At this point, Rockstar Games claims that fans will receive a new title update as well as the first stimulus payout early next week. Unfortunately, players have heard this before so they will simply have to wait and see if it actually happens this time.

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