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The real reason for Obamacare deadline extension

The Obamacare website.
The Obamacare website.
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

In spite of numerous statements to Congress and the media to the contrary by administration officials, the Obama administration announced yet another in a long series of extensions of the deadline for signing up for Obamacare. This comes in spite of the fact that Obama announced today that the revised goal of 6 million enrollees has been reached.

HHS Director Kathleen Sibelius told Congress in direct terms that the March 31 deadline was final and that there would be no more extensions.

Yet the administration did exactly that, allowing citizens another 15 days or more to sign up. It can be presumed that they will continue to issue these deadline extensions until they no longer need to do so.

But in more breaking news today just hours ago, Barack Obama announced that HHS has surpassed its revised goal of 6 million new enrollees for Obamacare.

So why is there a need for a deadline extension? It isn't that the website has not been fixed. Despite some reports that citizens still get stuck in the middle of the signup process with no confirmation that they are actually enrolled, administration officials say that the multimillions spent to "fix" the website has helped tremendously. This is in addition to the multimillions in tax dollars already spent to build the faulty website that has been an unmitigated disaster from day one.

Nonetheless, citizens have been able to access and complete the process for signing up unless they have an unusually complicated case.

So the latest extension has nothing at all do to with glitches in the system no matter what the integrity-challenged administration officials say.

There is but one reason for the latest extension, a dirty little secret that is no secret at all. Everyone knows the reason except for the most rabidly die-hard Obamanoid.

The number of enrollees is embarrassingly dismal. The extension was put in place because they need more citizens to enroll. Contrary to administration estimates that 6 million have enrolled in Obamacare, the actual numbers fall far below that figure.

A more realistic number is two million, a catastrophic figure when one considers the original administration goal of 7 million, which it later changed downward to 6 million. The administration now claims they are within reach of the original goal of 7 million uninsured who are needed to enroll in Obamacare in order to consider the program a success.

Thus, the real reason for the deadline extension is due to the desire on the part of the administration to be able to go before the public at some future deadline date, whenever that may be, and gleefully announce that the original goal has been met. 7 million citizens now have healthcare who were formerly uninsured, they will falsely claim.

This the administration hopes to be able to do just as the campaigns begin to heat up for the 2014 midterm elections in November.

However, the administration has another major integrity problem in rolling out those numbers. They already have an integrity problem in rolling out the current numbers. Obamacare has not come close to enrolling 6 million Americans who previously had no access to healthcare. This was the entirety of the motivation for the program to begin with according to Obama and the Democrats in Congress who shoved this nightmare down the nation's throat. The goal was to provide healthcare for 30 to 40 million uninsured Americans. And the initial goal in reaching that ultimate number was 7 million uninsured

But the administration has been playing fast and loose with the actual numbers.

Out of the supposed 6 million new enrollees, 4 million already had health insurance before Obamacare came along. The fact that these four million "signed up" for Obamacare does not mean the program is providing insurance to those who did not have it. If the 4 million out of the current total already had health insurance, then the administration cannot claim with any integrity that Obamacare is the reason these citizens have healthcare coverage. They simply were forced, by law, to switch from the plans they already had to the Obamacare system, which gives them far fewer choices and raises their premiums and out of pocket expenses to an astronomical rate.

Thus, only 2 million out of estimated 30 million uninsured Americans now have healthcare insurance. In no way can this be considered a success.

And it still has not been disclosed how many of these 6 million who have signed up have actually paid their premiums. That figure is expected to deeply cut into the administration's enrollment numbers. Only those who pay their premiums are actually enrolled, which explains why the administration has been careful not to disclose that number.

Another dirty little secret that is no secret at all is that younger people in good health who were needed to enroll in droves have not been eager to sign up for Obamacare. They are looking at their overall health vs. the costs of having an Obamacare plan and deciding no thanks.

But these are the people Obamacare needs to survive. The younger healthy Americans are needed in the program to subsidize the healthcare of those who are very ill or who have chronic conditions. If these younger healthy citizens do not sign up, and so far they haven't in sufficient numbers, then the entire Obamacare scheme implodes in short order.

The administration is well aware of these facts, but they don't want the public to know and are probably appalled that we do, in fact, know.

Some are prone to "look at the bright side" and claim that although 2 million is a small number, it's 2 million who did not have health insurance before, and that is a good thing. Well, not when you consider that Obamacare itself has pushed nearly 5 million Americans out of their health insurance plans as a consequence of its provisions.

So far, then, Obamacare has been a vehicle to push citizens into the ranks of the uninsured much more successfully than signing up the previously uninsured.


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