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The power of self

Google defines self as, “A person's essential being that distinguishes them from others, especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action.”

Take time to sit and reflect; the process of introspection is priceless.
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The portion describing “introspection or reflexive action” is really important here. Although we must not forget about intuition, it’s the navigational compass of self and when we do not listen to our intuition, we usually get ourselves in trouble; we fall off of our natural track. Even when this happens, and it probably happens a lot, it’s never too late. Perhaps you didn’t listen to this intuitive feeling and you went against your core. Maybe you couldn’t clearly make out this message; it was drowned out by the deafening noise of the outside world. Regardless, if you’re struggling and feeling off-balance, introspection will help you find your way.

Webster defines introspection as, “A reflective looking inward: an examination of one's own thoughts and feelings.”

This process of self-discovery is invaluable; it is a priceless celestial gift from the spirit, I think the power of self is underestimated. When you take a few moments each day to pause, embrace the stillness of you, and reflect upon your thoughts, actions and feelings, you will find clarity. And, within this, the meaning and solution to your life’s most troubling trials.

We all exist as energy, either blocked or flowing, it represents you as an “essential being”.

We all get blocked; it is part of the human experience. As we figure out how to clear this energy, we break free from life turmoil.

You hold the power to free you from all that is disconcerting. Turn the light on from inside out; spiritually light your way.

In closing I’ll leave you with the words of Gilda, the good witch, from The Wizard of Oz, “You don't need to be helped any longer. You've always had the power…”

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