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The politics of death: Belgium legalizes mercy killing of children

With much of the U.S. news media ignoring a disturbing European development, Belgium's monarch quietly signed a radical piece of legislation that makes his kingdom the first country on the planet to authorize the medical establishment to euthanize terminally ill children no matter what age.

The Belgian monarch signed a law that will kill a number of unwanted children, say critics.

The Bill became law on March 2, 2014, by a government that ignored the opposition of millions of citizens including Christian groups. Belgium's King Philippe even ignored a petition signed by hundreds of thousands of Europeans which was delivered to Philippe last week urging him not to sign the Bill.

Adding insult to injury, the Belgian king signed the euthanasia legislation into law on a Sunday -- the Sabbath day for Christians -- after it was passed by the country's parliament in February.

The Euthanasia Bill passed in Belgium's legislature with a vote of 86-44 while 12 members abstained. The members of parliament even ignored the a unified plea from more than 160 Belgian pediatric physicians who vehemently oppose the new law.

"Belgium only added more bloods on its hands with this child-killing law. Belgium followed the example of Holland when in 2002 it legalized euthanasia for adults," said Ruth Kerrison, a police detective and mother of a handicapped daughter.

According to estimates, in 2011 there were more than 900 cases of euthanasia in Belgium in 2011 – a 4,620 per cent rise since the practice was legalized in 2002.

Christian groups seeking to protect infants, toddlers and children have also claimed there were cases of patients who did not suffer from a terminal illness who have also been euthanized pointing to a case involving two deaf twins.

When 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin warned Americans about "death panels" during the debate over Obamacare, she was ridiculed by not only Democrats but also by many members of the news media.

However, it's a documented fact that many political leaders would favor euthanasia of children -- who cannot vote -- if it would save money on healthcare costs and allow them to use the money for other parts of their agenda, according to political strategist Mike Baker.

"There are many in Washington who would love to replicate Europe's socialist healthcare system that allows politicians and bureaucrats to make life and death decisions. If they get their true objective -- a single-payer program -- they will no doubt have Obama or whom ever is in the White House sign an executive order," said Baker.

And Ruth Kerrison wonders why the same people who favor euthanasia of mentally-challenged -- and innocent -- children are opposed to executing murders and terrorists?

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