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The political black list, part 2

John Podesta serves as an advisor to Barack Obama and was formerly the head of Center for American Progress.
Photo by Pete Marovich/Getty Images

On Wednesday a list was published containing the names of blacklisted persons and corporations whose hidden agenda is the destruction of the United States as a free nation that protects the liberties of its citizens. The list contains the names of some of the most dangerous persons in America, including politicians, influential policy advocates, and mega-rich donors.

Although no attempt was made to name all of the worst offenders, the intent was to highlight the most dangerous of all. But when undertaking such an endeavor it is understood at the outset that some will be inadvertently overlooked. The following information is designed to correct the omissions in part 2 of the political black list.

Add these to the list of some of the most dangerous persons and groups in America: the Southern Poverty Law Center, SEIU, the Center for American Progress,,, the New Black Panthers, Lois Lerner, the IRS, HHS, EPA, the Dept. of Energy, the State Dept., NSA, FISA Court, James Clapper, John Koskinen, B. Todd Jones, the Federal Reserve System, the United Nations, the Agriculture Dept., John Kerry, Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, National Organization for Women, Code Pink, Maxine Waters, Noam Chomsky, Jon Stewart, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn, William Lacy Clay, Donna Edwards, John Oliver, Mike Honda, Barbara Lee, Peter Stark, Lynn Woolsey, Linda Sanchez, Yvette Clarke, Corrine Brown, Sheila Jackson Lee, John Lewis, Bob Menendez, Richard Blumenthal, Kirsten Gillibrand, Al Franken, Ben Cardin, Chris Murphy, Brian Schatz, Mazzi Hirono, La Raza, Janet Murgula, Keith Ellison, and many more.

Naturally, there are many more -- too many to name them all. Sources that can help those who are interested in digging deeper can be found here and here.

Further, with recent decisions by various courts in the judicial branch of government, it has become all too clear that increasingly our courts are overstepping their boundaries, creating law from the bench, and negating important votes taken by the people in various states. These courts have been dangerously politicized over the past six years, and thus, citizens can no longer trust the courts to issue opinions that are truly based on the Constitution. This includes the D.C. District Court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and all federal judges appointed by Barack Obama. The U.S. Supreme Court, while not always derelict in its duty to make decisions that reflect original intent, is precariously close to becoming a lawless, rogue court. Chief Justice Roberts is a loose cannon, a wild card who has shown he will not hesitate to make up law out of thin air in order to approve an Obama initiative, such as Obamacare.

Thus, Roberts goes on the black list, along with Anthony Kennedy, Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and Stephen Breyer. Any court that refuses to uphold the Constitution is not only despicable but a clear danger to all of the liberties that are supposed to be protected by the Constitution.

Given the vast influence of the mainstream news media, it is of utmost importance to recognize that they are a very clear danger to our liberties due to their practice of "advocacy journalism." ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, CNN, MSNBC, Newsweek Magazine, Time Magazine, The New York Times, the Washington Post have all failed to report the full truth about Barack Obama and his intentional dismantling of Constitutional principles. Thus, they hide most of the scandals that make Obama look bad, except in those cases that they are forced to report because other news outlets are doing it. But on the whole, the mainstream media is quick to portray conservatives, libertarians, and Republicans in a terribly negative light while at the same time bowing down to the false god of Obama and the Democratic Party. When the news media fails incessantly to do its job and fails to follow leads wherever they go, even when it shows criminal behavior on the part of Obama and others, then our very existence as a nation is in mortal danger. The media by and large has taken an advocacy role toward Obama, cheering him on when he undertakes a course of action that is intended to dismantle liberty and trash the Constitution that protects it. A free and trustworthy independent press is essential to an informed citizenry. But when citizens are only told one side of the story, as narrated by CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN, in no way can this be considered good. The citizens are being duped.

A word concerning Republican elitists is also in order. One will note that a very small number of Republicans is on the black list. The reason for this is very simple. For the most part they are not the instigators of the attacks against the liberties of the citizens, with the exception of a few. True enough that some of them will join with Democrats who do so, after the Democrats initiate it. But it is easy enough to spot these particular Republicans as the Examiner has reported many times. The intent of the black list here is to name the worst offenders first. And there is no doubt that Democrats who are now firmly in the grip of "progressivism" are the main culprits. But they are not the only ones. The Republican elitist leadership has failed to be a steady, fearless roadblock to Obama and the Democrats as they pass into law measures that undercut our free form of government. The elitist Washington subculture includes persons in both Parties, as well as some Independents. Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Kelly Ayotte, Susan Collins, John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy, and a few others are all part of this exclusive inside-the-beltway club. And they are Republicans.

Thus, the elitist mindset of those who have become entrenched in the Washington subculture through the years does not reflect the values and issues that matter to the average American. The Washington elitists live in their own world, a bubble of their own making that shields them from ordinary people. This crowd had rather be invited to all the elitist parties and social events and achieve the accolades of the mainstream news media than to risk the negative fallout from truly representing their constituents who placed them there. Plus, in D.C. everyone can tell everyone else how wonderful they are -- something they do not get in their home districts.

Anyone, therefore, who is part of that Washington political subculture is not to be trusted no matter what political Party they belong to.

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