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The Paleo Guide to Denver

It started with a challenge and turned into an agreement, which kickstarted #thepaleopact and now it's a lifestyle. The thing is, when you're one week into a new way of chowing down, finding the ingredients and support you need around town is new and exciting, but equally challenging. That's why I'm here to help make going Paleo in Denver an easy lifestyle choice.

Going Paleo in Denver
Camilla Carboni

What's Paleo you might ask? Here it is in a nutshell:

Natural eating, like our ancestors did thousands of years ago. That means all the meat, fruit and vegetables you can possibly consume, without counting calories, feeling guilty or being classified as a meathead. You're the modern day Fred and Wilma, living large and in charge in a contemporary city. Why? Because the caveman was survival focused and ate to thrive, so we evolved to eat that very way. They didn't suffer from the health issues we have today, their teeth didn't decay, they were not obese, nor did they craft all sorts of on the shelf, canned, pasteurized, processed foods that our society gravitates towards today. Coincidence? We think not. They ate strategically so they could live optimally. That's what living Paleo is all about.

The 'bad' news is that you are saying goodbye to sugar, starch, dairy and anything that doesn't decay and your body can't easily digest.

The great news is that there are delicious alternatives that mean you won't feel one bit deprived.

Say hello to agave, make friends with vegetables, switch to coconut milk, explore the aisles you've never wondered down at your local farm-style store and invest in arrowroot flour (made from a tropical plant). Then commit to a weekly cook-up during which you make Paleo Bread, Power Bars (thanks to Elana's Pantry), hard boiled eggs, home-made cauliflower hummus and beef (or game) jerky to keep you away from cracker-snacking.

Here's where to shop:

  • Vitamin Cottage - a great source for all natural meats, almond flour, coconut flour and arrowroot flour, coconut sugar, coconut milk and tahini.
  • Sprouts - the best stocker of coconut yogurt and coconut ice cream, sugar free dried fruits and raw agave.
  • The Source - your one stop shop for healthy, local artisan goods in the RiNo Art District. Home to MeatHead, Americanum Provisions and Mondo Food, amongst others.
  • Happy Leaf Kombucha - coming soon to RiNo.

Here's where to order from:

  • Bob's Red Mill - for cost effective flour alternatives.
  • Corner Post Meats - for high quality, bulk order, local, grass-finished meats.
  • Capello's - almond flour pasta. It cooks in 45 seconds and you won't know the difference. They also sell ready to bake Paleo cookie dough!

Here's where to eat:

  • Caveman Cafeteria - a Paleo food stand on 16th Street Mall.
  • Colt and Gray - highly rated, though not totally Paleo, they specialize in nose-to-tail utilization.
  •! - Sante Fe Drive's Paleo Bistro.
  • Beast + Bottle - farm to table dining deliciousness in Uptown.
  • Old Major - boasting excellent meats from their nose-to-tail in-house butchery. They even feature a "Nose to Tail Plate" with braised belly, decadent confit rib, schnitzel and tender ham.

Any other ideas, please share below and let's grow this list!

Here's to Health and Happy Paleolithic Holidays Denver.

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