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The needs of an Infant

When parents are expecting to bring home a newborn infant, there are many things they worry about preparing for the little one's arrival. They can receive a lot of advice from a lot of people. It can be difficult to know what the infant will really need, especially for first time parents.

One of the most important thing parents need before their baby is born is a car seat.
By Kristal Garder

Someone throwing the mother a baby shower helps a lot. Experienced mothers will know what to get and the mother-to-be will receive some very useful things she would never have thought of getting. If the guests ask the mother-to-be for ideas for a group gift, an infant car seat, stroller, or crib are excellent suggestions.

Often times parents (especially first time parents) tend to go overboard with the items they want to get for the new addition to the family. It is easy to buy too much. There are many cute and fun things for babies. The best option for parents is to keep things simple. Infants do not need a lot of toys. As they grow up into babies and toddlers they too don't require a lot of store bought toys to keep them entertained. Buying a lot of new or expensive clothes are a waste of money because the grow so fast and get dirty very fast. People love to give clothes as gifts so, at least in the beginning, it won't be necessary for parents to buy a lot of clothing for their baby.

The most important things for a parent to purchase for their newborn are a car seat, crib, and a stroller. The other things an infant will need like diapers, wipes, blankets, and clothes can be easily provided on an as needed basis or through well wishers presenting gifts. Beyond the necessities for the infant's physical well being, all the infant truly needs are loving parents who love the baby unconditionally and who care for and love him/her. The baby needs his/her parents to spend time building a bond with the baby.

Parents should remember that it is impossible to spoil an infant. The first few months are spent building trust with the infant. If the baby cries needing to be fed, held, or changed and the parent immediately satisfies the need, the parents are well on their way to establishing a relationship of trust. Learning to wait is a skill the child learns when he/she is older.