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The Minnesota Majestic disc golf tournament

Every year in the middle of June, the big names in disc golf come to Minnesota to compete in the Minnesota Majestic. The Majestic tournament has been going strong for 25 years as the state's premier disc golf event. There will be close to 200 players competing in the tournament for $10,000 in cash in the pro division, as well as cool prizes in the amateur divisions.

Hole #4 at BRP
steve pease

The Majestic this year will be played at the normal 3 courses with a fourth course added this year for a bit more variety. The first course is Blue Ribbon Pines in East Bethel Mn. Blue Ribbon Pines is a 27 hole championship course that is one of the top 10 in the country, it’s also my favorite course. BRP as it’s called is a private course that is run by Ray Jordan, he puts lots of money back into the course and keeps it in top shape. BRP is the only course I’ve seen that keeps the fairways plowd and the tee boxes snow and ice free through the winter, to make play year round much easier.

Kaposia is the second course. Kaposia is located in South St Paul and consists of 24 holes that take you from open space to some thick woods. The course was free to play up to a few years ago. After going to a pay to play format, they have been upgrading and improving the course to fix the well worn state it was in. Kaposia like BRP takes a lot of finesse and control shots to post a good score.

The third course is The Valley DGC. This course was partially rebuilt last year and is now a more challenging and more highly rated course. The Valley DGC course is an 18 hole course that is built on rolling hills and through the woods with some very challenging shots needed to finish with a good score. The Valley course is located in Inver Grove Heights, not far from the Kapsia course. The Valley course has a variety of holes that go the right as well as to the left, so it is balanced for both right and left handed players.

The final coure is the Hyland ski area course in Bloomington. This course has some fun and interesting holes. There are some great downhill wide open drives, one of which is the only place I can drive anywhere near to 700 feet on a drive. The bad part at Hyland is, everywhere you throw down a hill, you also get to go up the hill, the steep uphill shots are very challenging and breathtaking, literally. Hyland is the course that they finish the tournament on every year, it has room for a lot of spectators and space for the trophy presentation and a party after the event.

The tournament starts on Thursday June 21, with check it at Highland and a doubles tournament to get things started. On Friday morning they start the Majestic for real. Group A plays BRP in the morning and group B plays it in the afternoon. On Saturday they play a round in the morning at Kaposia or The Valley, then switch and play the other course in the afternoon. Everyone plays at Hyland in the morning on Sunday for 18 holes, then the top 4 players play a final 9 holes to determine the winner in the afternoon.

This tournament is a big deal in the world of disc golf, and the biggest deal there is in Minnesota disc golf. If you have any free time over the weekend of June 21 to the 24, go out to one of the courses and help support disc golf, and see the amazing shots that the best in the game can make.


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