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‘The Mentalist’ season 7 spoilers: Patrick Jane's romance entices Teresa Lisbon

Simon Baker is the lead character on The Mentalist
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Fans of “The Mentalist” saw love being expressed on the season finale of the popular CBS show. Watching during the final minutes of the program, Patrick Jane finally admitted that he loved FBI Agent Teresa Lisbon. Then he was hauled off the aircraft as he broke many rules to get around security and get on the plane. According to Latin Post on Friday, the heartfelt declaration of love changed Teresa’s mind about going to Washington and living with Agent Pike.

While the final moments of the season definitely made watching the show worthy it is the upcoming season that has people excited to watch Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon do more than just work together. Now the chance for a romance can build with a look to see if the individuals are really compatible (or if the fans just want them to be.) The build up to the moment on the season finale has raised expectations for the potential couple and there are questions to be answered in the upcoming season.

The spoilers rumored so far for season seven include the continued relationship between the two characters. Of course everyone expects sparks will fly, but there is also the question of if the romantic gestures might mess up the cases they solve. The two crime fighters work really well together, but if they are distracted, it might offer up some interesting problems.

Unfortunately for the viewers of the show, “The Mentalist” isn't coming back to CBS until mid-season. According to the Post-Gazette on Friday, this means the fans will have to wait until later than September to find out how the show continues on the seventh and final season. Don’t worry, the viewers won’t be complaining about the delay. Waiting until the last minute to decide, it appeared that CBS might have had the show on the chopping block before reconsidering for another season.

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