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'The Last Of Us Remastered': New PS4 features and improvements

What did you think about Remastered?
What did you think about Remastered?
Permission to use photo given by Sony Computer Entertainment

The Last Of Us Remastered contains a variety of new features for players to enjoy. As you may have found out by now, it's arguably one of the best looking games that is currently available on the PS4, and Naughty Dog did more than just release a port of the 2013 hit.

There are plenty of tangible, real improvements that have been made to The Last Of Us Remastered. One of the most high-profile changes was the addition of 60 frames per second (fps) and native 1080p resolution. If players want, they can switch back and forth between 60 fps and 30 fps just to see the real difference in gameplay.

The details in each character's clothes, body, facial and movements are noticeably better than what we saw last June on the PS3. Resolution for every character in The Last Of Us Remastered has also been raised.

Players who are most perceptive will notice that when walking through a forest or inside of a building with dim light, the shadows they see are crisper and clear than before. The contrasts in lighting are quite authentic when it comes how you would actually see the world in different spaces.

Let's now talk about some of the features that were added specifically for the PS4 version of the game. Photo mode is a wonderful one you need to experience, but we won't get in depth on that feature here. The aim and fire buttons have been moved to L2 and R2, respectively. If you are someone who prefers the setup that originally came with The Last Of Us on PS3, you can make a switch in the settings menu.

The DualShock 4's touch pad has been intelligently implemented into Joel's backpack. Players just need to press it to open and close it. The DualShock 4's light bar will change color as your health gets better or worse. There is a stronger rumble in the DS4 when an explosion happens in the game. The speaker on the controller will also come into play with the Flashlight sound effects and any audio from the tape recorder.

Finally of course, there is the share button that PS4 players have already become very familiar with. That has, as expected, been enabled for players to use in-game.

Additional DLC that is included in the purchase of The Last Of Us Remastered are items such as: the Abandoned Territories and Reclaimed Territories Map Packs, The Last Of Us: Left Behind single player DLC and the new difficulty mode, Grounded.

Also available with The Last Of Us Remastered is commentary during cinematics from creative director and writer Neil Druckmann, the voice of Joel Troy Baker and the voice of Ellie Ashley Johnson. There really are a lot of reasons for people who have and have not played The Last Of Us to pick it up on PS4. You can do so today.

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