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The integrated self

Do you feel like you are unified as one spiritually and physically? Do these parts work together cohesively or are they working against each other? You can gauge this by your health; if you’re healthy you are in alignment if not, it’s likely you have not achieved an integrated self.

Find ways to connect with your inner self.
Find ways to connect with your inner self.
Fingers touching

I’ve brought you insight from author Michael Singer previously, he wrote the book, The Untethered Soul.

His message is about silencing the negativity that takes place within, the undesirable thoughts and self-talk.

During an interview with Oprah she asked him how to obtain wholeness. His advice, “Relax and lean away from the noise the mind is making.” Michael noted that this gives the chitter-chatter room to pass through you and if you do this, it will. If you don’t feed the energy, it moves on.

Oprah read an insert from his book, “…real spiritual growth happens when there is only one of you inside; there is not a part that is scared and another part that’s protecting the part that’s scared, all parts are unified because there is not part of you that you are not willing to see.” He added, “True freedom is freedom from yourself.”

He goes on to say, “Spiritual growth is about the point when you start to feel your energy change.”

When you’re triggered by something that evokes negativity, be mindful of it and give it some space. The more you can practice this the less you’ll be distracted by such triggers; what may have been old sticking points become fluid.

Have you ever seen someone face hardship in a curious manner instead of anxiously? This is the energy shift Michael is referring to above. Can you imagine?

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