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The importance of play in Early Childhood Education



  • BJ 6 years ago

    Interesting, my daughter always wants to play with my phone and go through my wife's purse. I wonder what skills she is developing?

  • Maureen Perkins 6 years ago

    She might be exploring working theories about what adults need to have with them, about phones, about technology. She may be developing dispositions of curiosity. She may be exploring ideas about what will my parents let me do - do they support my curiosity.

    There are so many possibilities

  • Brandi Jackson 6 years ago

    Very interesting article. Will be forwarding to my sister who has three kids!

  • BJ 6 years ago

    Thanks for the comments Maureen. That all is so true. She is a very curious girl.

  • I.S 6 years ago

    Very well put together. I'll print this as a hand out for my parents. It's my first year teaching and sometimes I panic when some parents walk in and I am on the floor playing with the kids. They're not expecting to see that.

  • Joe Redding 6 years ago

    LS, I am happy that you found this helpful. Where do you teach?

  • Joe Redding 6 years ago

    Sorry, I.S
    Where do you teach?

  • Sara C 6 years ago

    Play is good at all ages!

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