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The Illusion of Health Freedom: You Are Free To Eat Exactly What You’re Told

Corporate giants like Monsanto are telling our government what they want, and government ignores the harm and protects their profits
Corporate giants like Monsanto are telling our government what they want, and government ignores the harm and protects their profits
Art by David Dees, Used by Permission

For decades, health freedom activists across North America have been scratching their heads, wondering if somehow vampires ate the brains of those who dictate natural health product regulations.

Despite being regaled with peer-reviewed scientific studies clearly showing efficacy, a notable absence of side effects, and a complete lack of dead bodies, these government agencies have steamrolled past the evidence and banned many thousands of perfectly safe products, leaving producers, and consumers alike, agape in disbelief.

Meanwhile, studies clearly crafted out of junk science made their way smoothly through health regulators, directing policy and throwing natural products under the bus. And where was mainstream media? Hopping all over the truth, as they should? Protecting their readers? Nope. Instead, the fourth estate spread the manure passing for scientific studies as though it were, well, manure.

Most recently, the New York Times’ Roy Cohen was fooled by one such study, and declared there was no actual benefit to eating organic foods, as they are essentially identical to their conventionally-grown relations.

Of course, what was left out was the fact that it is what is not in organically-grown produce, not any essential difference in the plants themselves, that makes the difference: Pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. It is the absence of these things that makes organic foods safer for all of us, but not according to the study!

By leaving out this teensy bit of critical information, mainstream media, following the Times reportage, spread this misleading information world-wide like it was manna from heaven.

After the fact, it was discovered that the author of this phony piece, Dr. Ingram Olkin, of Stanford University, has strong ties with Big Tobacco, specifically Philip Morris, and actually created a ‘multivariate logistic risk function’ which was employed to ‘prove’ that smoking tobacco was actually safe, and had no links to cancer! By fiddling with the numbers, Olkin made inherent risk disappear or appear at will, and now has attempted to convince the public that pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers are harmless and make no difference at all in the nutritional value of produce!

Talk about your radical disconnect between truth and fantasy! Yet our venerated health agencies and our media portray these manipulations as scientific proofs to a vulnerable and uneducated public, which, in general, swallows their pronouncements whole cloth.

The whole thing makes no sense to even the most untrained eye; what is worse, the real truth of things never seems to make it past the impenetrable fortress of authority that keeps pouring fuel into the pharmaceutical behemoth while strangling the life out of what is pure, natural, and healthy for our human bodies.

Looking from above, one can easily spot the slick propaganda game that is being played on us all: at the same time as Health Canada and the FDA are bashing the use of ‘pro-biotics’ as unsafe, ‘safe’ versions are being promoted by pharmaceutical companies, who are at once gobbling up the remains of natural products companies crushed under their junk science, and replacing them with synthetic versions with patents to assure their profit.

Simple fermented foods, for example, long known for their extensive health benefits, are now touted as ‘pro-biotics’, and promoted by multinational companies for sale at exorbitant prices, when simple yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir, lassi, and all sorts of other yummy foods were, and are, the original, natural source of good gut flora.

So why is it that our health agencies, whose mandate it is to protect and promote health and healthy living, pay no heed at all to the screamingly-obvious truth about natural health?

Simple answer: It’s the trade agreements, folks. Because of them, our nations no longer have the sovereignty to resist the rabid regulations gobbling up all that is healthy and replacing them with garbage. Our government has no power to fight their ‘international obligations’, since international contracts trump our legislative process, by contract. Complaining groups of activists and consumers alike are talking to what appears to be a solid brick wall, yet keep fighting for their evaporating rights, to no avail.

At present, according to a piece in Toronto’s Globe & Mail newspaper, some 70% of Canada’s trade is hogtied by these agreements, with a negative net result overall. Our exports have dropped drastically over the Harper years, by nearly 20%. In natural health alone, these harmonized regulations have taken over 20,000 products off Canadian shelves, either because it was too costly to license them under the new rules, or because they were outright banned for sale.

In a recent Vitality Magazine article, Dr. Robert Verkerk, of the Alliance for Natural Health International, warned Canadians that “ the European canary has landed in North America”, bringing draconian, pro-Pharma standards and regulations which, among other things, are denying the ability even to claim that natural health products have any benefit whatsoever. Calling it ‘a passport system for big business’, Verkerk points the finger squarely at the trade agreements and their subsequent ‘harmonization’ of regulations… for the sake of trade, of course.

Bearing in mind that the regulations Verkerk is citing have already been imposed on all nations signatory to the European Union, without regard for what any of these nations’ populations might want. Health activists regard the EU’s Food Safety Directives (EUFSD) as the evil twin of ‘Codex Alimentarius’, the world food safety regulations currently being drafted under the auspices of the WHO, and scheduled for implementation in the near future.

And Health Canada is boiling the frog slowly, harmonizing with these directives by inches at a time.

Curiously, none of the health freedom groups has thus far noted two glaringly obvious facts: First, that international agreements trump our laws, and second, that every trade agreement yields, as a consequence, a complete lack of sovereignty in all areas of trade covered by the agreement. Americans and Canadians clearly have no sense that there is no government left to whom they can appeal. Our governments’ hands are bound, their mouths gagged, and no connection has been made, until recently, that it had anything whatsoever to do with offshore issues.

If one extends the principles behind trade groups to the big picture, one can see at a glance the formation of international authorities governing all we do, all we eat, and how we live. Our governance is now an offshore committee of foreigners, and even the mighty USA must bow to the wishes of the group, ending sovereignty of nations in one fell swoop. Where groups saw no mechanism for the introduction of such controls, the trade agreements, developed, signed and put into effect by stealth, coercion and rampant corporatism.

That spells the death of health freedom. In fact, it spells the end of all freedom, all semblance of democracy, because if our elected representatives can no longer represent us, we no longer live in a democracy. And while health activists bemoan the fate of the natural health industry in favor of pharmaceutical interests, consumers increasingly find empty shelf space where their favorite remedies and supplements used to be, with ‘ersatz’ pharmaceutical synthetics standing in as replacements.

In sum, it is stunningly clear that health freedom is no longer a stand-alone cause, nor is any democratic right: All our freedoms are falling, all our rights of choice and individual freedoms are affected, and all by the same method, which is the imposition of trade agreements that supersede our ability to self-govern, our sovereignty.

Example: The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement soon to be finalized between Canada and the European Union, the same union with those nasty food safety directives, already in play. It guarantees the harmonization of laws to facilitate trade and create a ‘level playing field with our trade partners’. What the Canadian government is not sharing with the people of Canada is the fact that there are 27 nations in the EU, and only one Canada. Same with the WTO. We each have one vote at the table, against many other nations. And we citizens have no powers of grievance or redress whatsoever.

The situation begs the question of how in the flying blue blazes sovereign nations can remain sovereign, with all this going on. And it also asks how it is that millions upon millions of people could see it happening and still trust that their governments, regardless of political stripe, are actually acting within their mandate.

After all, does anyone recall ever voting for anyone who said they were going to give sovereignty to an offshore group of unelected, untouchable, vested foreign diplomats? Is there anything in law providing our governments with the mandate to give away the sovereignty of their nation, or turn the nation into another form of government, i.e. fascism, without so much as a how-do-you-do to their electors?

Is this not the ultimate in treason, to put profits above the people they serve? Jes’ sayin’…

Loss of sovereignty due to trade agreements is at the core of all our losses of freedom, and it is the retention of sovereignty that prevents a world governance system from being imposed. A classic David vs. Goliath operation if there ever was one.

It will take all the free peoples of the world to stop it, by following the direction of Nancy Reagan, who said simply, “Just say NO.” Stop going along to get along. Stop being complicit in their own demise.

And the very first people who need to swallow this lesson, as bitter a pill as it may be to swallow, are those who claim to be the protectors of health freedom, wherever they may be.


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