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The hot new thing in Sriracha

With the International Summer Fancy Food Show approaching I’m always excited to see what the food trends will be and one that is at its peak now is Sriracha, the Vietnamese/Thai red chili sauce named for the seaside town Si Racha along the Gulf of Thailand. Huy Fong Food’s Rooster labeled Sriracha is the most recognized made of ripe red jalapeno peppers, sugar, salt, garlic and vinegar which has garnished a cult following. The ubiquitous nature of Srirachi has it popping up in snack foods and sauces all over the place…some say ketchup is in trouble as remaining the number one condiment. How popular is it, well it even has its own 33 minute documentary film by Griffin Hammond.

The new hot thing in Sriracha
photography courtesy of Midori Sriracha

So you ask, what is the new thing in Sriracha? It is the green Musashi Foods Midori Sriracha, a unique Japanese interpretation of the classic sauce using green serrano peppers taking the heat level a couple notches above the red Sriracha. The Scoville heat chart for peppers has the jalapenos range between 2500 to 8000 and serrano 10,000 to 23,000, so expect more of a kick from the Midori Sriracha. The Midori Sriracha tends to lean more to a very thin puree with a more pertinent aroma of garlic with sugar lower down on the ingredient list. Midori Sriracha is made with all natural flavors and colors, contains no trans fats, no cholesterol, low total fat, and low sugar.

Additionally this New York based specialty food company has launched an authentic Japanese Spicy Mayo, the only of its kind on the market today. Both the Midori Sriracha ($4.99) and Japanese Spicy Mayo ($5.49) are available now for purchase at and Musashi Foods will be introducing both their products at the 2014 Summer International Fancy Food Show at the Jacob Javitts Center in New York on June 29 – if you are attending check them out.

I don’t know about you but I have friends who can’t live without Sriracha, it goes on almost everything. One in fact, had already had the new Musashi Foods Midori Sriracha before I got my sample from the manufacturer.

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