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The hilarious “Bachelor” spoof ‘Burning Love’ is back for Season 3!

The cast of 'Bachelor Pad' spoof, 'Burning Love'
The cast of 'Bachelor Pad' spoof, 'Burning Love'
Courtesy of Paramount

About a month ago, I happened to stumble across the hilarious ‘Bachlelor’ spoof, “Burning Love,’ on the E! Network. “Burning Love’ parodies the ‘Bachelor,’ in such a hilarious way, it will have you ROFL from start to finish. It’s no wonder it’s that funny. The Executive Producer of the show is Ben Stiller. Ben Stiller’s wife Christine Taylor also appears on the show. BL also stars many famous faces who play contestants vying for the Bachelor’s “final hose.” Up and coming TV & film actress, Abigail Spencer, is featured, as well as Malin Akerman, who plays a former homeless person. One of the “cougar” contestants is age 85, played by actress Helen Slayton-Hughes. Believe it or not, even Jennifer Aniston made an appearance! ‘The Bachelor’ is played by Ken Marino, and the host is played by Bill Tundle. Ken Marino is also one of the show's producers, along with Erica Oyama.

What I happily found out was that while I just learned about ‘Burning Love,’ during it’s E! TV debut, BL has been an online sensation on Yahoo for a while now. In fact, it’s now in it’s 3rd Season! The hit comedy series is produced by Yahoo & Paramount's Insurge Pictures.The latest Season launched April 13, & is called ‘Burning Down The House.” It’s a spoof of ‘Bachelor Pad’ & fan faves of season’s past are back, competing for a Grand Prize of $900!

Online series seem to be the new trend. It has become the go to place for many of our fave actors & fave shows to breathe new life into an existing show or create new ones. Both ‘All My Children,’ & ‘One Life To Live,’ though cancelled, continue to stay alive & are making a big comeback with online episodes on Hulu and iTunes. Also, many of our favorite TV stars such as Jerry Seinfeld & Lisa Kudrow keep on keeping on. Jerry Seinfeld is carrying on with his funny online show, ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.’ Lisa Kudrow is keeping her creative juices flowing with ‘Web Therapy.’

If you’re having ‘Bachelor’ withdrawals you can go online right now & watch all the ridiculously funny drama unfold in the most dramatic season ever of ‘Burning Love’ at . You can also find out who accepted the Bachelors hose from Seasons 1 & 2 on as well.

In case you were wondering, "The Bachelorette' Premieres Monday, May 27, at 8 pm on ABC.

Watch new episodes of ‘All My Children’ & ‘One Life to Live’ on iTunes or for free at Hulu at or


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