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The ‘gun-toting’ governor versus the glad-handing president

Texas Gov. Rick Perry might want to share that booklet with Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry might want to share that booklet with Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

When Barack Obama visits the liberal ATM machine again today in Seattle, it is not likely he will be answering questions about federal support for eastern Washington wildfire operations, nor about yesterday’s decision by Texas Gov. Rick Perry to take firm action against the tidal wave of illegal immigration along the state's border with Mexico.

Obama and his motorcade will tie up traffic in Seattle and across Lake Washington as his appearance as "a guest" is expected to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions. Perry, by calling up 1,000 Texas National Guard troops, is trying to stem northbound traffic from El Paso to Brownsville.

Gov. Perry apparently knows how to deal with varmints. Four years ago, he reportedly shot a coyote with his legally-concealed pistol while he was jogging, creating the image of a gun-toting governor that may, or may not, be entirely accurate. However, in the West, at least according to the late John Ford’s rendition, when legend becomes fact, print the legend.

That coyote incident made national headlines and set Perry apart from other state chief executives. In Texas, as in most of the West, when people are faced with a problem, they deal with it. In Washington, D.C., when faced with a mountain of problems, you fly off to a fund-raiser.

President Obama apparently knows how to not deal with varmints. When a passenger jet was shot down the sky the other day, and every sign pointed toward Russian-backed rebels, he gave a ho-hum statement and didn’t alter plans to head west today on a Left Coast fundraiser that takes him to Magnolia and Hunts Point, then south to California, making Seattle’s rush-hour traffic problems even worse. The latter stop at Hunts Point, according to the Seattle Times, is at the home of former no-guns-allowed Costco CEO Jim Sinegal and his wife.

All of this is happening after another bloody weekend in Obama’s chosen hometown of Chicago, where 39 people were shot and four of them killed. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the president’s former chief-of-staff, seems as incapable of dealing with the violence as his ex-boss seems in dealing with the border crisis, the Gaza crisis, the Ukraine crisis and any other crisis above the level of a golf handicap.

Gov. Perry called out the National Guard to deal with his situation. Perhaps it is time to deploy National Guard troops in Chicago, in a city that seems to be begging for martial law. Police Supt. Garry McCarthy has blamed guns for the bloodbath in his city, and even some in the media play that game.

One of the weekend victims was 11-year-old Shamiya Adams. In the account published by the Seattle Times yesterday, a reporter states, “Shamiya was one of four people killed by guns in Chicago since Friday night.” Guns didn’t kill Miss Adams, some thug did that. No arrests had been made as this column was posted.

While the president seems to be stuck playing the role of a detached hipster, the Texas governor is stuck with an issue that the U.S. Border Patrol, under Obama’s Department of Homeland Security, should be handling. In the absence of federal leadership, trust a Texan to step in and fill the void. Perhaps when he’s restored order along the Rio Grande, Gov. Perry might dispatch a company of Texas Rangers to quell Chicago’s problem.

When all of this is finished, who will look more capable of handling a situation, the golfer or the governor? Who took decisive action, and who took a plane trip to Seattle?

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