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The government's war at home

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A professor at the United States Military Academy (generally referred to simply as West Point) has recently published an article about "far right violence," naming "anti-federalists" as one of the "three trends of far right violence in the United States." Professor Perliger explains that the "anti-federalist trend" to which he refers is "usually identified in the literature as the 'militia' or 'patriot' movement."

In other words, he is teaching our military cadets that anti-federalists--the ideological descendants of George Mason, Patrick Henry and other "extremists"--along with militias (that which the Bill of Rights identifies as being "necessary to the security of a free state") and patriots represent a terrorist threat to the United States. Mike Vanderboegh provides a detailed analysis of this chilling development.

This is only the latest escalation in what looks to be almost a "cold war" between the government and the people--a war of which most of the people are not even aware. Back in late July, a retired Army colonel who teaches at the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas wrote an article in the very influential (in U.S. military circles) Small Wars Journal about crushing a "Tea Party insurgency." The article mentions "insurrectionists" often enough to sound like something written by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

This, too, has been deftly analyzed by Mike Vanderboegh. National Conservative Examiner Anthony Martin also has two must-read articles about Colonel Benson's "War on the Tea Party."

In mid-August, we discovered that government agencies, many of which would not generally be thought of as needing to be prepared for sustained, large scale firefights, have been buying hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition.--and have then tried (belatedly) to hide the purchases. Coincidentally (or not?), at about the same time, two federal legislators introduced bills to make ammunition purchases far more difficult (and far more closely monitored by the government) for private citizens.

Finally, it has recently been discovered that the United States Marine Corps has been training with domestic police agencies, for . . . well, we still don't really know.

Taken separately, each of these developments is more than a little ominous. Taken together, the conclusion that the government is preparing for war against the people becomes difficult to escape (particularly when looked at alongside the government's apparent hostility to the Oath Keepers). In light of that, it would seem that the people would be well advised to step up our own preparations. As Mike Vanderboegh often asks, "Got militia?"

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