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The future of Social Media Marketing

The future of Social Media
The future of Social Media
David Frankk

Now-a-days social media is an integral component of our lives and life without it is quite unimaginable. It has made the world a virtual hub with more and more connections being created every second. The year 2012 has left a strong impact of social media in the business world as businesses officially took the social media plunge by embracing Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites as an integral part of their marketing strategies.

Since the beginning of 2013, the main questions that are striking everybody’s mind are: Will Facebook reach the top of the social hierarchy? Will businesses be benefited more by their social media investment? So let’s have a look at the biggest trends that are going to unfold in the years ahead.

Now the future of social media is not only limited to the new layouts of your profile pages and the amount of likes you get on it, but it depends on how the business processes become more efficient and how the regular devices are able to connect and interact meaningfully with each other. Some of the major fields in which social media is currently heading towards are:

  • Mobile usage: The implications of mobile computing in the coming years is quite clear which is why there no point in discussing the tremendous increase of mobile phones in the present world, as everybody knows how the smartphone market is growing each day. The mobile internet use is soon going to overtake the usage of social media by PCs. Facebook has already acknowledged that its usage for mobile users has overtaken the usage of PC users. Now, the main focus of web developers is going towards designing of their websites in a way that it suits smartphones.
  • International Boom: North America has shown the growth of social media dramatically and now it’s taking off in the other parts of the world. It is assumed that in 2013, the growth of social networking in Asia-Pacific is going to be about 21.1 percent, 23.3 percent in the Middle East and Africa, and 12.6 percent in Latin America.
  • Transcending Marketing: Social media is a potential productivity tool in the workplace. It has provided a great help to the HR, Sales and R&D departments in doing their tasks more efficiently. The products like, HootSuite Conversations, have emerged as a pioneer in allowing the companies to free up expertise trapped in department silos.

Besides these, it has also given the companies access to the unprecedented volume of information about their clients. The companies will be able to radically improve their customer service and predict various future buying patterns with the help of new-wave social media command centers. Through this, the niche networks will also see a dramatic growth rate.

Not only businesses, but the government and the education system are also being affected by its impact. The downside of its future is that it will leverage more of your privacy to be social. The chances of data being more vulnerable to social networks will also increase with its popularity.


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