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The energy of hope

Can you feel the energy of hope and opportunity in the air? It is the time of year for graduations; do you know someone who has proudly crossed the line of a marked educational achievement? It is thrilling to look at this person; you can actually see excitement twinkling within his or her eyes. This radiant light is reflective of attainment intertwined with visions of an enthusiastic and prosperous future.

Wear your honors proud.
Wear your honors proud.
School Pendant

As my youngest son walked across the stage at the end of May to obtain his high school diploma, I thought about how far he has come (at times during his journey I wondered if he’d make it) and how far he has to go. My kids have a firm foundation; they are equipped with life tools that I’ve instilled through blood, sweat and tears but most of all through love. I have worked to “talk the talk” and “walk the walk”. I have lived my life not just telling them but most importantly, trying to show them that with hard work, honesty, confidence and perseverance, one can overcome and achieve most anything. These young adults now take this baton and step towards their futures in awe. They are not considering failure or struggle but I know and maybe even fear that moments of hardship will be prevalent. In life it is inevitable, we will stumble; for every 2 steps forward, life sometimes takes us a step or 2 back. This trend is continuous, and when it is understood, we grow and this growth fuels momentum forward. It is a personal journey; one we must let our young adults venture onto as individuals.

My hope for my children and for anyone else who is moving into the next stage of his or her life is that their future is embraced with the untainted eyes of curiosity. Anyone with an open mind (unblocked and able to learn without the ego getting in the way), and flexible enough to recognize that regardless of the situation, a curios nature lends a constructive perspective, which offers a fluid approach that enables one to turn blocks into stepping stones and then eventually reach success.

This mindset is critical to success wherever you are on your individual life journey; it is the true key to triumph!

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