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'The Elder Scrolls Online' has as many character creation options as 'Skyrim'

Screenshots of The Elder Scrolls Online for the PC.
Screenshots of The Elder Scrolls Online for the PC.
ZeniMax Online

Zenimax Online sent out the first wave of beta invites for The Elder Scrolls Online on Tuesday and one of the first bits of information to come out is about character creation. Somewhat surprisingly, the character creation for the PC MMORPG is about as deep and detailed as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The character creation system in The Elder Scrolls Online lets players choose from nine of the ten traditional races that have long been part of The Elder Scrolls series. The Imperials are the only exception as they are the non-playable race controlling Cyrodill.

In most MMOs, the character creator would then allow you to choose the sex of the character and give a few body type, hair and color options along with a name. The Elder Scrolls Online is adding many more options that should make it rare to find two similar characters according to a post from as well as providing some tweaks to the Skyrim character creation formula.

The Elder Scrolls Online will require a first and last name for characters created in the game. Once the race, gender and factions are chosen, the player can then begin customizing the body and face of the character. Interestingly, the body type slider has been replaced with a triangle-shaped interface with "Muscular", "Large" and "Thin" as the three points. Moving a point around the triangle will determine how the character's body will be shaped.

The same triangle interface is in place for the character's face as well with "Heroic", "Soft" and "Angular" as the three options.

Beyond those two changes, the sliders are in play for eleven different body options ranging from torso to neck and 30 face options from hair to ear rotation. Each slider has around 16 options to choose from while there are 20 different skin colors available.

Here is the list of body and skin sliders.

Body Options

  1. Torso
  2. Chest
  3. Gut
  4. Waist
  5. Arm
  6. Hand Thickness
  7. Hip
  8. Posterior
  9. Leg
  10. Foot
  11. Neck

Face Options

  1. Hair
  2. Hair Color
  3. Age
  4. Marking (War Paint)
  5. Forehead Slop
  6. Cheek Bone Size
  7. Cheek Bone Height
  8. Jaw
  9. Chin Size
  10. Chin Height
  11. Eye Color
  12. Eye Size
  13. Eye Angle
  14. Eye Separation
  15. Eye Height
  16. Eye Squint
  17. Brow Height
  18. Brow Skew
  19. Brow Depth
  20. Brow Type
  21. Mouth Height
  22. Mouth Curve
  23. Mouth Width
  24. Nose Shape
  25. Nose Height
  26. Nose Width
  27. Nose Length
  28. Ear Size
  29. Ear Rotation
  30. Ear Height
  31. Ear Tip Flare

Hand thickness makes for an eyebrow raising new option. It makes us wonder who will be the first to try and create a Wreck-It Ralph like character in The Elder Scrolls Online.

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