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The Dreams of motherhood

Even animal mothers deserve to have their day in the sun!
Even animal mothers deserve to have their day in the sun!
Helen Woodward Animal Center

Since Mother’s Day is only a week away, it is best to think about motherly heroes this week. This includes those heroes from the animal world because sometimes they encounter even more grief and challenge than human mothers do and just when they have things kind of settled, their babies are whisked away from them – many times never to be seen again.

Many human mothers find it difficult to part with their children even when they are full-grown, so it is inconceivable to them that a child could be taken from a parent in only six or eight weeks. There are cases of animal mothers displaying just how badly this hurts them, too. Sometimes they have to go to great lengths to get over the pain that they feel in their hearts.

Helen Woodward Animal Center (HWAC) in Rancho Santa Fe, California, has witnessed such extreme acts of love from many of their orphaned animals, but some stick out more than others. One such case was brought to light earlier this year when Dream, an abandoned four-year-old Poodle was rescued by an overcrowded shelter near Lancaster, California.

Shortly after this thin, dirty, matted stray arrived, she gave birth to two pups. One was too small to survive. It was a wonder either did because the abandoned mother was so skinny, no one ever suspected her to be pregnant.

Dream was devastated; her heart broken. Although she was in such an emotional despair, she still ‘mothered’ her remaining puppy, all the while exhausted, underweight and fighting for her own survival.

No matter how hard Dream worked, the dog was still an emotional wreck; carrying forth a very sad disposition. That is when the Lancaster shelter contacted HWAC. Mother and son, Cupcake, were transferred at the end of December and were promptly sent to a foster home where they received the love and attention both truly needed.

However, just a few short weeks later, HWAC received another transfer; this time from a partner shelter in Kingman, Arizona. This time a mother Aussie Blend, Karly, and her seven puppies arrived on January 10th. The smallest of Karly’s litter, Candy, a little girl, was suffering; not half the weight of her siblings and getting trampled in the process of trying to get to her mother’s milk.

The superb group of workers at HWAC had an inspirational thought and wanted to try it out. They knew that the love of a mother extends far beyond being a birth parent. If it didn’t, humans would never adopt a baby that they did not conceive.

So, based on this intellect, they brought Candy to the home where Dream and Cupcake were. Dream didn’t think twice. She took candy into her pack as though she had given birth to her herself. Cupcake and Candy became instant siblings. The circle was complete! Where Dream had felt cheated by the loss of her other puppy, Candy seemed to close the hole in Dream’s heart.

When the puppies were old enough to be adopted, people loved this story and scooped the puppies up. Dream got a home of her own, too, once her milk dried up. The people that adopted her will be able to learn a lot from the endless supply of love that this little mother has to give.

Now that she and her puppies are no longer together, the dog will be able to mother her new family; love and protect them the way she did Cupcake and then Candy. Animal mothers are amazing creatures and can teach us human mothers a few things along the way.

Happy Mother’s Day Dream! Hope you found your forever love!

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