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Democrats are waging a war on women's intelligence

Democrats are waging a war on women's intelligence
Democrats are waging a war on women's intelligence
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Yesterday, Democrats in New Hampshire and across the country continued their flame war that women only care about contraception. They are not only insulting the intelligence of women but they are undermining their own cause. What self-respecting woman is going to believe she will no longer have access to a few forms of birth control? What intelligent woman actually believes that contraception is a far more pressing issue than jobs and the economy? Clearly Democrats have decided that women aren’t smart enough to think with anything other than their "lady parts."

Both Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Governor Maggie Hassan released statements saying they are going to continue to fight to force employers to cover cheap contraception for employees, despite the Supreme Court ruling in the Hobby Lobby case. It’s egregious that these women believe the Bill of Rights isn’t more important to women than easily accessible birth control. To Shaheen, Hassan, Carol Shea-Porter and Annie Kuster, women don’t care about no stinkin’ freedom.

It’s unfortunate they are choosing this route again. Their chants of "I want my IUD and Plan B" show how little women actually think of themselves if they are of the left wing ilk. How about chanting "Jobs and Economy - stop regulating them out of me"; given the sheer numbers of women out of work. Jobs and economy are actually the most important issues to all Americans, including women. However, Democrats don’t believe women are intelligent enough to actually understand the economy so they go with birth control.

Democrats believe that such low-level vaginal thinking is about the only thing women can comprehend and stand behind. Every woman in the United States of America can easily and cheaply purchase birth control (yes even the few forms that the SCOTUS ruled Hobby Lobby didn’t have to be forced to cover). Have women actually become such anti-thinkers that this is truly what is important to them? Do women really believe contraception is more important than upholding the 1st Amendment? Do they not see how all Americans actually won in the Hobby Lobby case because freedom and liberty won?

Clearly left wing women don’t seem to grasp the importance of this ruling. They’d rather blame men on the Supreme Court for somehow regulating their lady parts. They forget it was a male-dominated SCOTUS that ruled on Roe v Wade. Can you imagine if anyone screamed that this should be overturned? It’s clear that Democrats are going to continue to wage a war on women’s intelligence during this election cycle. What isn’t clear is how many women really do lack the intelligence to think for themselves and realize nothing was lost with the Hobby Lobby ruling. The 1st Amendment won; therefore, “we, the people” won.