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The controversial feminist Carmille Paglia - Part 2

Camille Paglia
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Camille Paglia’s Career

Camille Paglia started working as a teacher for Bennington College in 1972. Later in 1973, Paglia was instrumental in getting her workplace, Bennington College to have Sontag as guest speaker. They paid $700 dollars for Sontag’s time but that was half of her usual fee. Paglia was disappointed as Sontag read what she called a boring short story.

.Paglia attacked Sontag for losing her “withdrawn from confrontation with the academic world, and that her "mandarin disdain" for popular culture showed an elitism that betrayed her early work, which had suggested that high and low culture both reflected a new sensibility.” Sontag retaliated by saying the once Norman Mailer looked bad but compared to Paglia he resembled Jane Austen.

As was her style of criticizing academic work she criticized Archeologist Marija Gimbutas, feminist scholar Carolyn Gold Heilbrun, and many other contemporaries.

Camille Paglia laid out her controversial views on matriarchy, sadomasochism , androgyny, and homosexuality in her thesis at Yale University entitled, Sexual Personae: The Androgyne in Literature and Art, which she defended in December 1974.

Paglia continued to have academic fights with the founding members of the women’s studies program at the State University of New York at Albany because they refused to acknowledge that hormones are capable of influencing human behavior. Ironically, because of her behavior criticizing so many people, she was pressured by the college she accepted a settlement and later resigned her position in 1979.

After that she did a lot of freelance work and then joined the faculty of the University of Arts which resulted by the merger of Philadelphia College of Performing Arts and the Philadelphia College of arts in 1987.

To be continued

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