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The Collectionary: A walk down board game memory lane

If you like board games, you'll love The Collectionary's board game website, which contains information for collectors and fans of vintage board games
If you like board games, you'll love The Collectionary's board game website, which contains information for collectors and fans of vintage board games
Sandy Wallace

Like most baby boomers, my siblings and I spent a lot of time playing board games when we were growing up. If your childhood included lots of board games, you'll love The Collectionary.

If you're nostalgic for a simpler time before electronic games appeared on the scene, you'll feel right at home on The Collectionary's board game site.

Whether you're a boomer like me or a child of the 80s and 90s, take a walk down board game memory lane with The Collectionary. Board game lovers may be interested in becoming website moderators to share their knowledge.

Collectors will find links to websites offering many vintage board games for sale. Board game buffs will enjoy seeing photos of some of their favorite games.

You'll find Parker Brothers classics of the 60s and 70s including Monopoly, Risk and Clue. Kids of the 80s and 90s will fondly remember playing Care Bears and Trivial Pursuit.

Milton Bradley classics of the 60s and 70s include Jeopardy, Operation, Twister, Stratego, Life and Battleship. From the 80s and 90s you'll find Sesame Street, Connect Four, Taboo, Perfection and Jenga.

You'll also find vintage battle games, strategy games and bookshelf games from Avalon Hill including Twixt, War at Sea and Facts in Five.

There are newer electronic versions of classic games including Scrabble, Battleship and many variations of Monopoly from Hasbro as well as unique Hasbro board games from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

We talked with The Collectionary to learn more about their extraordinary website for collectors and board game enthusiasts.

Examiner: What inspired The Collectionary into existence?

The Collectionary: The Collectionary was built because we wanted to create a Dictionary of everything in the world that people collect. There are hundreds of e-commerce sites, but there is no dedicated place where you can learn about different items. Whether it's the history, facts, or unique attributes regarding a particular collectible or item, we want to give people a place to learn about the collectibles they love.

Examiner: What made you coin it The Collectionary?

The Collectionary: Collectionary comes from combining the words Collection and Dictionary. A fun play on words that explains what we are working on with our site and brand.

Examiner: Is your site devoted solely to Board Games memorabilia?

The Collectionary: No, the Board Games Collectionary is one out of hundreds of different Collectionaries to join. We have expert collectors we call moderators that help us with each Collectionary to add new and cool items to the site. In fact, we would love to have more Board Games moderators willing to help out.

Examiner: What's the takeaway for potential customers? What can they hope to gain from perusing your site?

The Collectionary: We hope visitors to our site will enjoy browsing all the amazing collectibles ever created. Looking at many of the nostalgic items on the site we hope it brings back many fond memories as a child or another time in your life. We also want people to learn about Collectibles and find out where those items are for sale as we point to the different places on the internet the items are for sale.

Whether you want to learn more about vintage board games or have knowledge to share, visit The Collectionary's board game site at the link above and take a walk down board game memory lane.

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