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'The Bletchley Circle' returns to PBS for second season of mystery

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"The Bletchley Circle" season two premiere aired on PBS on April 13, 2014. The mystery series, set in 1950s London, joins the lineup of drama following "Call the Midwife" and "Mr. Selfridge" on PBS. There are four new episodes of the drama about female sleuths in post-war England. The series Facebook fanpage is "The Bletchley Circle" Watchers.

"The Bletchley Circle" stars Hattie Morahan, Sophie Rundle, Anna Maxwell Martin, Rachael Stirling and Julie Graham as a group of women who served as top secret code breakers during World War II. After the war, the women of Bletchley tried to resume normal life, bound by an oath to British Intelligence to keep their important wartime service a secret for 30 years. Their secret service means that even their friends and family are unaware of their talents, so they get no recognition or honor and so they live very ordinary lives.

"Blood on Their Hands," premiering April 13 and 20, introduces a new character from Bletchley Park. The premiere episode opens a flashback of Alice Merren (Hattie Morahan) brilliantly breaking a code at Bletchley Park. Department supervisor Jean (Julie Greene) spots Alice kissing a Bletchley scientist and deduces that the two are having a love affair.

Ten years later, Jean is working in the library when sees a headline about Alice. who is in prison, accused of murdering the scientist. Jean visits Alice in prison, but Alice mysteriously refuses to speak in her own defense. Jean believes in the innocence of her former colleague and recruits the rest of the circle to investigate the mystery.

Lucy (Sophie Rundle) is now getting on well in a clerical job at Scotland Yard and keeping her head down. Millie (Rachel Stirling) is working as a German translator. Susan (Maxwell Martin) is reluctant to get involved after her experience with the twisted serial killer Malcolm Crowley and the danger it posed to her family.

Premiering April 27 and May 4, “Uncustomed Goods” finds Millie branching out into what she believes to be a harmless sideline of dealing in unaccustomed goods and getting into trouble. The rest of the Bleltchley Circle investigate to save their friend and uncover a much darker, hidden world of crime.

The show's Executive producer Jake Lushington said, “'The Bletchley Circle' shows the unrealized potential of brilliant women who use their intuition to help others in an era when they were expected to limit themselves to being homemakers. Making the series was a great experience for all of us involved, and we are thrilled that we can share it with viewers in the U.S. for another season.”

"The Bletchley Circle" stars: Hattie Morahan as Alice, Sophie Rundle as Lucy, Anna Maxwell Martin as Susan, Rachael Stirling as Millie, and Julie Graham as Jean.

Distributed worldwide by Content Television, the dramatic mystery series is created and written by Guy Burt (“Kingdom,” “The Borgias”), produced by Trevor Hopkins (“Strike Back” “Kidnap and Ransom”) and executive produced by Jake Lushington (“The Devil’s Whore,” “Mysterious Creatures”).

“The Bletchley Circle: Blood on Their Hands” is directed by Jamie Payne (“The White Queen” “Doctor Who”). "The Bletchley Circle: Uncustomed Goods” is directed by Sarah Harding (“Queer as Folk” “Pollyanna”).