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'The Blacklist' spoilers: Episode 1x19 brings Tom and Liz brawl

What does Tom do when backed in to a corner on 'The Blacklist'?
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Fans have been anxious for the return of “The Blacklist,” and spoilers indicate that the next show is going to be quite the episode. According to the show's Facebook page on Monday, it is an episode that “absolutely can't be missed.” What can viewers expect from this one? Liz is no longer entirely in the dark about her husband, and there is a huge battle ahead.

The official synopsis via TiVo teases that Liz “patiently pursues the truth about Tom” in “The Pavlovich Brothers.” Episode 1x19 of course incorporates someone else on Reddington's blacklist, and this time it is the Pavlovich brothers. They are said to be kidnapping specialists, and fans cannot wait to see why Red wants the team to pursue them. As is usually the case, Raymond has an agenda of his own and this time he has a job for the brothers as well.

Previous “The Blacklist” spoilers for this episode show tidbits of a big brawl ahead for Liz and Tom. He may have thought he had the upper hand in this situation, but now Tom is bound and gagged and Liz isn't playing around. Things get physical but ultimately it seems that Tom gets away.

This episode seemingly paves the way to big reveals ahead. It is said that viewers will soon learn the identity of Berlin, the entity directing Tom in this mission. It seems Berlin is a person rather than a place or group, and the buildup is driving fans crazy. It is also said that Liz will learn the truth regarding her father before the end of the season, and there is a big death ahead.

Only a few more episodes remain before the season 1 finale of “The Blacklist,” and it seems there won't be a dull moment. Tune into episode 1x19 of “The Blacklist” airing Monday, April 21 on NBC to see what comes next for Liz and Tom. Just why has Liz been targeted by Berlin? How does it all tie together? Some answers will be revealed and some mysteries will deepen as the show marches to its first season finale.

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