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‘The Black Bachelor’ mocks ‘The Bachelor’; reveals sexist ways of TV series

Juan Pablo Loves the NASCAR race
Juan Pablo Loves the NASCAR race
Juan Pablo / Twitter

Looking for a laugh on Juan Pablo Galavis’ expense on Monday morning? Look no further than Funny or Die as the new spoof revealed showcases “The Bachelor” in all the creepy sexist ways it treats women. Offering up a look at who might be the first black bachelor, it appears the show isn’t worried about the African American men who would be willing to give out the roses. According to Small Screen Scoop on Monday the women who wouldn’t tolerate two minutes of being disrespected on such a national platform.

While the sketch is funny, it’s also very true. As the ladies point out that a retired college ballplayer might be jobless and it doesn’t pay the bills. They also share how they are way overqualified to be looking at a contestant who kisses five girls in 10 minutes and might live with his mother. So where can the ladies find other contestants like this? Apparently the local Applebee’s.

Shocked that they talk back, it seems that the spoof offers some of the basic objections about the show and the fake contestant can’t do anything but be shocked he was rejected. The funny moment includes Terrell Owens and Tatyana Ali, but all the people portraying the concept of the show, remind the viewers that the ladies are probably making more money and the scenario of being treated like crap isn’t going to be tolerated.

The Black Bachelor” features several social concerns of the show and thanks to Juan Pablo, there was no shortages of shock as “The Bachelor” seemed to be the biggest loser seen on the show so far.